Hotcoldwetdry Could Make Flu Season Worse

Scary stuff

( Scientists led by Sherry Towers, research professor in the Mathematical, Computational and Modelling Sciences Centre at Arizona State University, studied waves of flu and climate patterns in the US from the 1997-1998 season to the present. The team’s analysis indicates a pattern for both A and B strains: warm winters are usually followed by heavy flu seasons, the journal Public Library Of Science Currents: Influenza reports.

Know what they use as evidence?

‘It appears that fewer people contract influenza during warm winters, and this causes a major portion of the population to remain vulnerable into the next season, causing an early and strong emergence,’ said Towers, according to an Arizona statement. ‘And when a flu season begins exceptionally early, much of the population has not had a chance to get vaccinated, potentially making that flu season even worse,’ Towers said.

So, warmer winters should be good for smaller flu seasons. But, Warmists have an agenda, so no matter what happens, “climate change” is to blame.

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