Draft IPCC Report Shows 20 Years Of Overestimated Globull Warming

At one point, Warmists might have been actually interested in real science, but, that quickly switched to pushing junk science in order to move forward their Marxist ideas of people control

(Fox News) A preliminary draft of a report by the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was leaked to the public this month, and climate skeptics say it contains fresh evidence of 20 years of overstated global warming.

The report — which is not scheduled for publication until 2014 — was leaked by someone involved in the IPCC’s review process, and is available for download online. Bloggers combing through the report discovered a chart comparing the four temperature models the group has published since 1990. Each has overstated the rise in temperature that Earth actually experienced.

“Temperatures have not risen nearly as much as almost all of the climate models predicted,” Roy Spencer, a climatologist at the University of Alabama at Huntsville, told FoxNews.com.

The IPCC graph shows that the midpoints of the various models predicted that the world would warm by between about 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit and 0.9 degrees Fahrenheit between 1990 and 2012. Actual warming was much less than that: 0.28 F, according the data the IPCC cites.

Wow, .28F. Scary stuff. We’re doomed. Everybody panic. It’s no wonder Warmists fail to act like it’s a crisis with data like that.

Of course, the draft report tries to shift the blame for the failure of all their garbage in garbage out computer models on other processes, mostly natural ones. Weird how they never seem to consider that the warming since the end of the Little Ice Age is mostly or solely natural.

And, it is a draft report, so we can expect the UN IPCC to change things up and most likely remove any data that shows that they’ve been wrong all along, and add in all sorts of dire predictions which require vast amounts of money to shift hands (with a good chunk ending up in the hands of the UN) and loss of freedoms.

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9 Responses to “Draft IPCC Report Shows 20 Years Of Overestimated Globull Warming”

  1. […] More)Of course, the warmers are defending their work and pushing their Marxist agenda, because as William Teach pointed out, it’s not really about climate control it’s about people control.Tweetvaso […]

  2. Trish says:

    IF this ever reaches the mainstream media, it will get little attention at all. One thing lefties NEVER do, is admit mistakes, faults or otherwise fess up to being low life scum. And they will not give up this tool of theirs to control the country via false science.
    Speaking of things lefties do, look at Bob Menendez, parading around with the Preezie. Low life prostitute hiring scum of the earth, a hero of the left. Until (and if) the FBI indicts him, he will be above reproach in their eyes. And perhaps even AFTER he’s indicted. No surprise here AT all.

  3. Brian says:

    A “must see” is the dynamic speech by American entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and hedge fund manager, Peter Thiel, and an interview with him by National Review’s Rich Lowry on 01-26-13, which is being televised for the next few nights on C-SPAN-3 and which can be Googled, also.

    He shows who he calls “our counterfeit Marxist”, Obama, in a refreshing, new light, debunking Democrat propoganda on a variety of subjects like Global Warming, also.

    Political junkies will be enthralled with that guy.

  4. Brian says:

    Very importantly, too, Mr. Thiel points out the techicalities of why “fracking” and horizontal drilling for oil should be the sensible, rational and practical waves of the future which will provide us with plenty of high quality oil, as opposed to the many flaws and lies about solar and wind power, and he gets into specifics, not the generalities and BS which Liberals employ, and unlike Liberals, also, clearly he knows what he is talking about, in stark contrast to the lies that are told rountinely by the creepy and slimy fools on MSNBC.

  5. Trish says:

    Very good. Refreshingly good.

  6. Brian says:

    Aw shucks, tweren’t noth’n.

  7. […] not forget that there really hasn’t been any real global warming since 1990, with a whopping increase of .28F over 22 […]

  8. john says:

    gee only .28F BUT of course that was over the whole planet. Because the northern hemisphere got much warmer that that didn’t it? That is why we lost 50% of the polar ice cap in those 28 years. (full disclosure I live in the northern hemisphere)

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