Warmists Think Obama Can Control The Weather

Climate astrology at its best. The Reuters story is all about how Obama may deal with the Keystone Pipeline (which he will probably do his best to kill, despite being a way to provide tens of thousands of jobs here in the US) and Hotcoldwetdry, and provides this spiffy quote

Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club, said Obama’s second term will be pivotal in the fight against climate change, which he called the “singular issue of our time for anyone who cares about clean air, clean water and a safe future for our families.”

Brune urged Obama to take “swift, decisive action to prevent more erratic weather, superstorms and wildfires.”

There’s so much wrong with those two paragraphs that all it deserves is

Ed Morrissey points out that Sierra Club must be thrilled over the number of fossil fueled vehicles and private jets being used to bring ObamaZombies in for the 2nd Coronation.

Fortunately, hyper-climate astrologist Seth Borenstein shoots the “Obama can control the weather” meme in the foot, to some degree

Scientifically, the president doesn’t have control of day-to-day weather. While his policies can lessen or worsen future projected global warming on a large scale, they cannot do anything about Washington’s daily temperature on Jan. 21.

See? Not the weather. But, the Lightbringer can, in the minds of fevered-Warmists, control the global temperatures. The Sun can’t, but Obama can.

(just to be clear, this is not a post knocking Obama, though he has made a few crazy pronouncements, like causing the seas to recede, but Warmists)

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One Response to “Warmists Think Obama Can Control The Weather”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    “swift, decisive action to prevent more erratic weather, superstorms and wildfires.”

    yeah, only sad that man-caused wildfires have only been around for the last 30 years. If only Teach’s e-pad weren’t powered by fossil fuels. What he needs is a windmill app.

    Superstorms?? again? I’m sorry, but to claim anything less than a Cat5 storm as a superstorm is sheer ludicrous. And, has anyone noticed the size and destructiveness of Cyclones? Yet, we don’t seem to see those as “superstorms” do we? Only those that seem to affect liberals.

    And, anyone who is alive and has a brain, knows that weather is erratic. Especially in the southern states. Don’t like the weather today? Wait till tomorrow.

    But to try and teach science and reality to brain-dead liberals is futile. Our future is dead.

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