Obama Tells Romney He Can’t Write Off Half The Country

Obama took time out from his busy schedule of ignoring the Islamist rage

(The Hill) President Obama on Tuesday lectured Mitt Romney for “writing off a big chunk of the country” in his first remarks about the GOP presidential nominee’s controversial statements at a closed-door fundraiser.

“One of the things I learned as president is you represent the entire country,” Obama told “Late Night” talk show host David Letterman in a taping at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York on Tuesday. “If you want to be president, you have to work for everyone.

Our Redistributionist in Chief would never write off any Americans, right?

Obama campaign abandons white working-class voters

And here’s a few pulled off my Obama’s Bus/Insult list

That’s a smattering of Americans who have been denigrated and insulted by the elected POTUS. This is the same man who consistently has blamed everyone else for everything.

Oh, and in an unscientific web poll, 75% agree with Romney’s 47% comment.

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5 Responses to “Obama Tells Romney He Can’t Write Off Half The Country”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    Excellent points Teach.

    Just another video that the RNC should produce. One I think they should do is have Obama saying his line: Romney’s shoot first, take aim later” comment. But then highlight Obama’s “they acted stupidly” comment about the cops. Then on his statements on the florida case. And there are others, I can’t recall right now.

    There is just so much with Obama that is ripe for killer-videos.

  2. Trish says:

    Yet he writes off his own big chunk of the country all of the time…let’s see, Catholics, Republicans, conservatives, pro-lifers, Jews, white men, rich folks who AREN’T liberals, Fox News anchors etc etc. Yes, he is a bastion of fairmindedness and non-partisan representation.
    Hey- how’d that Jay-Z affair go for ya Barack?

  3. Gumball_Brains says:

    Yet, but those groups that you speak of are not the officially recognized pander group. Thus, they do not matter or have any value to the Socialist Left.

  4. Trish says:

    Point taken. But, the thing that ticks me off more than thi silly class warfare argument, is that those same Socialist Left are a minority- a big minority in this country. Yet they have hi-jacked the Democrat party over the past 40 years, and are currently running the country into the ground with this leftist regime.
    How come the rest of America can’t see this for what it is? Mind boggling to me, completely mind boggling. And, I hear young people saying “gay marriage and a woman’s right to choose” are their key issues. Really? Well, wait till you get a look at the country in a few years kids, you are going to wish that the issue of the day had been the economy and debt and entitlements…

    Argh Matey, hoist the sails, it’s time to shove off. (I hear it’s talk like a pirate day)

  5. Gumball_Brains says:

    Yeah, Trish. It’s really hard to be sympathetic to whiny liberal dogmas when people are without jobs and the cost of living on everything is going thru the roof.

    Just shows priorities. They just don’t really care.

    Hell, Obama doesn’t even care that our guys are still dying in Afghanistan, bases being overrun by a handful of barbarians, embassies being firebombed by what we are told is a “spontaneous home town demonstration”. Meanwhile, during all of this, Obama goes to celebrity dinners and Letterman.

    And the press still refuses to ask the tough questions of him, nor does he hold press conferences. COWARD.

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