Using Obama’s Own Name Is Now Racist

No, really, this is what we get from Democrat crazies  (via Howard Portnoy)

(AP) “You recognize it when every time the Republicans with their own convention refer to him by his first name, Barack Obama. He’s President Barack Obama,” said Patt Sanders, a delegate from Englewood, Calif., who is black.

So, every time I call him “Obama”, “Mr. Obama”, or “Barry”, it means I’m blowing a dog whistle, speaking in coded language, and a raaaaacist. What if I refer to him as (NMP) Obama? Does that make me a double racist?

Anyway, Howard points out that Obama himself refered to George Bush as …. George Bush, rather than President Bush. And, to add to that, most of the media typically refers to the POTUS by their name, usually “Mr. Clinton,” “Mr. Bush”, “Mr. Obama”. Sometimes they will use the word President. Sometimes not. Guess that makes them all racists, too.

But, even if you don’t think you’re a racist, well, you are

Glisson knows that many conservatives disagree with Obama solely because of his policies. “But I am also quite certain that there are others who object to the president because of his race, because they have a fear of blacks that is embedded in our culture,” she said.

Her conclusion is based on something called “implicit bias”— prejudices that people don’t realize they have.

So, subconsciously, you’re a racist. Even if you couldn’t give a damn less what color Obama is (I usually see him as “red”) and have a big issue with his policies, well, you’re still a racist.

And when everything is racist, real racism becomes meaningless. Hell, even peanut butter sandwiches are now racist. Go figure.

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2 Responses to “Using Obama’s Own Name Is Now Racist”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    a fear of blacks that is embedded in our culture,” she said.

    Really? Seems to me that most people have an embedded fear of IDIOTS!!!

    Bless her heart, she just can’t help being a racist like that. I bet this woman doesn’t even know she is a racist when she claims other people don’t know they are racist because everyone is racist.

  2. Acethepug says:

    Maybe Patt Sanders is just an idiot — Occam’s Razor, the simplest explanation is the most likely.

    Now, since she’s a delegate, she MUST be old enough to remember the media doing the same to GW Bush, right? Was THAT racism, too?

    Of course not. GW Bush didn’t whine about how everything bad that happened was because he inherited it from someone.

    If I remember right, the wholesale use of “Mister” instead of “President” really started with Nixon, didn’t it? As a way of basically saying Eff You to them. At least, that’s what I remember, could be wrong.

    I also remember it being done to Reagan and Clinton, also conspicuously NOT black … Hmmmmm. It’s almost like the race card is being used … again. Isn’t that tired, dog-eared old thing worn out by now?

    It would be ironic and funny if it weren’t so serious, but the “Post-Racial” President and his supporters have done more to hurt race relations than any other Administration in at least the last hundred years.

    Glisson should probably muzzle it, too. Let’s turn her wonderfully vague comment around;

    I’d be more than willing to bet that a lot (read as most) of blacks VOTE FOR and DEFEND the President because he is black. But then I forget again, only white people can be racist, right?

    What will all these poor, put-upon (in their minds) people do when they realize that they themselves are responsible for turning the claim of racism into the new “boy who cried wolf”?

    Thanks for posting!

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