Troops Give Obama The Cricket Treatment

Caught this one earlier on the Daily Caller, didn’t want to post back to back posts from same source

President Barack Obama was greeted with fleeting applause and extended periods of silence as he offered profuse praise to soldiers and their families during an Aug. 31 speech in Fort Bliss, Texas.

His praise for the soldiers —and for his own national-security policies —won cheers from only a small proportion of the soldiers and families in the cavernous aircraft-hanger.

The audience remains quiet even when the commander-in-chief thanked the soldiers’ families, and cited the 198 deaths of their comrades in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The audience’s reaction was so flat that the president tried twice to elicit a reaction from the crowd.

Perhaps they’re a bit put out by Obama’s policies towards the military and that Obama keeps talking about himself, as well as giving himself pats on the back? Naa, they’re probably all just raaaaacists.

Similarly, his declaration that “around the world there’s a new attitude toward America, a new confidence in our leadership” yielded only silence, while his next sentence —“When people are asked ‘Which country do you admire most?’ one nation always comes out on top, the United States of America” —prompted relative enthusiasm.

So, the soldiers and their families weren’t particularly impressed with Obama’s “leadership”. Surprise! Unsurprisingly, several media outlets cut their coverage early, as did the White House feed. Nice Deb has a few thoughts, as well as video.

More: iy could be also that Obama did his standard “it’s not my fault/blamestorming” schtick.

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7 Responses to “Troops Give Obama The Cricket Treatment”

  1. Lightwave says:

    I think it has everything to do with the Obamee administration announcing earlier this week that it was going to MAKE AN EXAMPLE of the brave soldier who wrote the book on the REAL sequence of events that led to their (NOT OBAMEE, HE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT) killing of OBL. Maybe it has everything to do with the billions of cuts to soldier’s salaries and veterans benefits coming thanks to Obamee’s “sequestration” nonsense. Or maybe they just hate his narrow ass, period.

    Every one of those soldiers were thinking the same thing: “If you were not the CinC, I would cold cock you right here.”

    95% of our military despises this man. He is the most hated CinC in history. He knows it. Every one of those brave troops knows it. Not a one will vote for him, either.

    Count on it.

  2. Gumball_Brains says:

    How about the bland and crass treatment he gave to the families of those fallen soldiers through form letters and auto-pen signing. I don’t think it was auto-pen, as it was a stamp.

    Auto-pen means at least he signed the papers, but only remotely. The signatures were all alike. I am thinking a stamp or just part of the form letter itself.

    Another sign that people just don’t like him any more. Truth and reality (when people’s eyes are open) wins over fleeting emotional moments all the time.

  3. Militant Catholic says:

    You can bet that if Obama wins a second term, and even up to election day this term, both he and his media slaves will do everything they can to pay the military back for this outrage against the Empty Chair.

  4. Gumball_Brains says:

    URBANDALE – President Barack Obama, in Iowa to kick off a campaign swing, mockingly charged Saturday that the just-concluded Republican convention had showcased policies “better suited for the last century.”

    “You might as well have watched it on a black and white TV,” Obama told a cheering crowd of thousands in Urbandale, outside Des Moines.

  5. Obviously, we should go with the “policies of today”, which have brought high unemployment, massive debt, etc and so on. You know the hit parade. Obama is bat shit stupid.

  6. Gumball_Brains says:

    But, President Clinton says that Obama’s plans for the future fix are JUST LIKE the plans that Clinton enacted post-1994 when the middle class was doing well.

    He wouldn’t lie to us, would he?

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