Whiny President Whines About People Talking About Him As He Talks About Other People

Quick, someone get the Waaaaaa-mbulance. Or the Hypocrisy Mobile

(Politico) President Barack Obama said Tuesday that he’s losing his patience over the Republican attacks aimed at his “you didn’t build that” comment.

“I have to tell you, I generally have patience with what the other side says about me, that’s a requirement of this job,” Obama said during a $5,000-per-plate fundraiser here, according to the pool report.

“And if you don’t like folks talking about you, you probably shouldn’t run for president. The one thing I do have no patience for is this argument that somehow what I’m criticizing is success… I want to promote success,” Obama said.

Uh, you are, chump. Meanwhile, chump is constantly complaining about Mitt Romney succeeding and raising taxes on those who have succeeded. Go figure.

Jammie Wearing Fool: He generally has patience, except for sniveling and whining any time he receives the slightest bit of criticism.

Ed Morrissey eviscerates Obama on this. Darleen Click is obviously a raaaaacist for calling Obama “thin skinned”. And via The Lonely Conservative we get this new American Crossroads video

Notice, per JWF, that the clock is stuck at 11:06, the date of the election.

I’m wondering if I should add a “Whiny Bitches” category under “Democrats”.

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2 Responses to “Whiny President Whines About People Talking About Him As He Talks About Other People”

  1. LD Jackson says:

    Someone needs to tell him he sounds more like a spoiled brat than President of the United States.

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