If All You See…

…is precious non-renewable water being wasted on a fossil fueled vehicle, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Doug Ross, who also provides a list of the top 150 conservative websites (my little blog made it at 140)

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4 Responses to “If All You See…”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    heh. rerun.

    but, I don’t mind sticking around and giving your site some “viewing time”.

  2. Hmm, guess it is. Unusually clear my download folder when I use one.

  3. JGlanton says:

    That’s not how you wash a car! She looks like she’s got important things on her mind — like saving the planet from hunger or trying to remember her birthstone — but sweetie, you have to face the car to clean it.

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