Chris Christie To Obama On More Stimulus: “Please Don’t”

Christie’s not particularly enthused about more government stimulus for more government workers

(NY Post) No more public workers — please!

That was New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s alarmed reaction to President Obama’s push to send states another dose of stimulus money to hire teachers, firefighters and police.

“Please don’t send me any more money to hire more public employees. Please don’t,” implored Christie yesterday in a speech at the Brookings Institute, a liberal Washington think tank.

“I’ve got plenty as it is, and I don’t need any more, and they’re expensive!” said the brash governor, who won a hard-fought showdown with teachers unions over benefits and pensions.

Temporary federal aid to hire permanent state and local workers, he argued, only leads to huge budget shortfalls or layoffs when the stimulus money runs out.

“I have the highest property taxes in America to begin with,” said Christie. “Where’s this money going to come from to pay these folks afterwards?”

Well, that would be your problem, Gov. Obama only cares about having more unionized workers that would pump more money into his campaign coffers.

Obama offered up the second stimulus as part of his re-election campaign. He promised that it would reboot the stalled recovery by growing the public sector, which he insists is doing worse than the private sector.

I think the public sector is doing just fine. Obama apparently wants everyone to work for the government, though.

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2 Responses to “Chris Christie To Obama On More Stimulus: “Please Don’t””

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    Ok, Teach. You racist Yankee Hick. Don’t you want people to have jobs? Where do you think jobs will come from after the evil racist Republicans take office and cut your taxes? HUH!?!? If everyone had a gov’t job, then everyone would get a steady reliable income. How can you not be that fair? Isn’t it only fair to give people jobs? I mean, the gov’t has 16 Trillion dollars right? MSNBC (the Socialist Democrat Media Party) said that Obama has created a $16Trillion dollar debit for our children. So, why not spend it?

  2. Well, I am in NJ visiting the parents this week, so, I guess I can be a yankee raaaaacist….

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