Obama’s Weekly Address: Unintentionally Blames Self For Crummy Economic Conditions

And, of course, he’s taking total credit for what was a truly bipartisan piece of legislation

(White House) Hi, everybody. I’m here in Ohio, where I’ve spent the past couple days talking with folks about our central challenge as a country – not just reclaiming all the jobs lost to the recession, but reclaiming the economic security that so many Americans have lost over the last decade.

Let’s think about that: over the past decade, Obama has been president for 3 1/2 years. He was a junior Senator who was supposed to be getting Bill Clinton coffee for 6 of those years. Democrats controlled the Senate for 5 of those years. Democrats had full control of Congress during his first two of being President. So Obama just unintentionally blamed himself and Democrats for the poor economic conditions and poor economic security.

First, it will keep thousands of construction workers on the job rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure.

Wasn’t that what the Stimulus was supposed to do? Darn, I forgot that the projects weren’t “shovel ready” and that the money was wasted on repaving roads that didn’t need it and painting bridges.

For months, I’ve been calling on Congress to reform and expand the financial aid that’s offered to students. I’ve been asking them to help us give two million Americans the opportunity to learn the skills that businesses in their area are looking for – right now – through partnerships between community colleges and employers. In America, a higher education cannot be a luxury reserved for just a privileged few. It’s an economic necessity that every American family should be able to afford.

What the hell has he been smoking? “Privileged few”? People of all stripes and income levels go to college. And have been amassing huge levels of debt to enter Obama’s jobs market where there are no jobs.

Thanks and have a great weekend.

“Now I’m going to take a long weekend after some hard work campaigning and using a pen to sign a bill after taking a long weekend last week. Sorry everyone else is searching for a job. Maybe all you white collar workers should pick up a shovel.”

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5 Responses to “Obama’s Weekly Address: Unintentionally Blames Self For Crummy Economic Conditions”

  1. Patrick says:

    Good points about the past decade. Despite the results Democrats continue the spending spree and racking up debt thinking that is the way out of things. With them if things aren’t working we didn’t spend enough, if things improve due to other circumstances they want to claim it was the spending that did it. They talk about the Clinton years in support of spending but neglect considering the bubbles that would eventually come crashing down. It was a poor idea to put an unexperienced senator in the White House and one I hope is never repeated.

  2. john says:

    So the Dems had complete control of Congress and the White House for 2 years?

  3. david7134 says:

    That’s right John, they had complete control of the government for 2 years. This is a rare event. Yet they passed Obamacare, which has killed the job market and economy and they passed TARP which has substantially devalued our dollar with no, no effect on the economy that is positive.

    Now consider that the dems had control of congress under Bush. But Bush was a liberal and let them do their best to kill our country. Then there were the 2 years of rep majority, but that is when we found out that the republicans are no better than the democrats, sort of like beer and light beer (you should understand that).

    The combination set up the conservative/libatarian party that wants all the bums out, no matter how. It will likely result in a civil war. But who cares really. If you are still fretting about Bush, a two party system, etc. then you are out of the loop.

  4. Gumball_Brains says:

    Wow, john is fairly thick. john, do you not recall Pelosi and Reid getting all gushy and “physical” about the new “most honest administration” ever that was now in control?

    So, his answer to solving his self-created economic no-job crisis … is federally subsidized training?

    “Have a great weekend trying to live without electricity or a job. I’m going golfing”

  5. hikuportan says:

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