North Sea Seagulls Love Globull Warming!

Obviously, we should have a problem with this, because, according to Warmist doctrine, the Earth is a static ecosphere that should never ever change

( Scientists have shown that climate change has resulted in winners as well as losers with a study revealing that lesser black-backed gulls are booming in the North Sea.

The warming water has created an abundance of swimming crabs that are picked off by the greedy gulls. The experts have identified that the arrival of a new warm water species – Henslow’s swimming crab, Polybius henslowii – might by an important crustacean in the cycle.

It spends more time swimming at the surface that any other species, and the crab has colonised the North Sea as it has warmed by 1 degree C since the mid 1980s. That level of warming is four times faster than the global average.

Well, good for the gulls, their number are expanding. Because nature happens. Always has, always will. Thins change. Warmists do not like that, so they want massive taxes and control over Other People.

Um, and if warming is global, why would one place warm faster than another place?

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6 Responses to “North Sea Seagulls Love Globull Warming!”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:


    lesser black-backed gulls are booming in the North Sea.

    Would this give them the chance to become the majority race?

  2. Kevin says:

    “( Scientists have shown that climate change has resulted in winners as well as losers with a study revealing that lesser black-backed gulls are booming in the North Sea.”

    Actually, it’s resulted in only winners. The only losers are in the mind of the environmentalist, not reality. Like polar bears.

  3. Gumball_Brains says:

    If you evolved in to a swimming crab, that felt you were a r-evolutionary by taking advantage of newly open areas that were too cold for your species before… your life kinda sucks now it would seem.

    “There’s always a bigger fishcrab … errrrr.. bird.”

  4. Well, you know that in Warmist world every type of life on Earth suddenly appeared exactly as they are and have been exactly the same until Man drove a fossil fueled vehicle.

  5. john says:

    Soooo warmists don’t like change and coldists do? Change is happening faster than ever, at least even the coldists seem to finally agree on that. So more crabs in the North Sea is good, lobster populations in New Jersey crashing because of higher temps, maybe not so good

  6. Gumball_Brains says:

    Change is happening faster than ever

    Says who?

    Were you or anyone else around during the last glacial advance? Do we have accurate records from even the MWP? How about even accurate and consistent temperature records from the 1700s?

    The people who are decrying rising temps of a tenth or hundredth of degree changes in temps are lying with their data. If your data is not collected or able to even be read at that small of a resolution, then changes in temperature can not be predicted in that small of a resolution. Earlier thermometers and their stations could only be accurate to within +/- 3 degrees at best. Thermometer technology has changed massively since the 1700s.

    Only with today’s satellite data and thermocouple technology are we even moderately close to measuring real temperatures. But even then, what are you really measuring? When one located a thermometer on an airport runway next to where planes take off, are you measuring the exhaust from the jets or the avg temperature of the county?

    When people tell you that temperature records have been broken, ask them how far back that record went. 50 years? 100 years? 1 million years?

    Right now our little region is experiencing a high heat. But next week they are predicting a >20F degree drop. Can we call that climate too? What does a 20 degree drop in one day mean to global climate change? Did you know that there are some places that have experienced a temperature change of @100F degrees? yep, and that occurred in the 70’s when we thought we were glaciating again.

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