Google Uses Socialist Song For Independence Day

After all the other craziness and anti-American, anti-military, ant-Christmas, etc that Google has used in the past, is anyone surprised by this?

That song was written because Woody Guthrie, an avowed Communist who despised the song God Bless America, in response for that hatred. It’s a protest song about how mean and evil America is. It’s anti-capitalist. Hey, don’t take my word for it: ask the Socialists.

Glenn Beck talked about this a few years ago, as well.

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3 Responses to “Google Uses Socialist Song For Independence Day”

  1. dicksanchez says:

    Google proves to be truly anti American time after time.

  2. Yup. Just once I’d like to see them stand up for America.

  3. […] Do you know the story behind Woody Guthrie’s This Land is My Land, This Land is Your Land? You need to know, and you need to know what Google has done. Be sure to follow the link to Glenn […]

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