Obama’s Signature Legislation, Which He Won’t Talk About, Hurts Obama In Swing States

It’s no wonder Obama and the Democrats do not want to discuss their signature, crowning legislation: it’s still unpopular, especially in swing states

(USA Today) The health care overhaul that President Obama intended to be the signature achievement of his first term instead has become a significant problem in his bid for a second one, uniting Republicans in opposition and eroding his standing among independents.

That’s because most people aren’t idiots, and understand that ObamaCare will actually drive costs up while eroding actual health care.

In a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll of the nation’s dozen top battleground states, a clear majority of registered voters call the bill’s passage “a bad thing” and support its repeal if a Republican wins the White House in November. Two years after he signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act— and as the Supreme Court prepares to hear arguments about its constitutionality next month — the president has failed to convince most Americans that it was the right thing to do.

In the poll, Obama lags the two leading Republican rivals in the 12 states likely to determine the outcome of a close race in November:

•Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum tops Obama 50%-45% in the swing states. Nationwide, Santorum’s lead narrows to 49%-46%.

•Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney edges Obama 48%-46% in the swing states. Nationwide, they are tied at 47% each.

It’s not really true that Obama doesn’t ever talk about Obamacare, he just tends to do it at closed fundraisers where rich people are paying $30k a plate, and do not really care, because they aren’t worried about their health care going in the crapper.

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4 Responses to “Obama’s Signature Legislation, Which He Won’t Talk About, Hurts Obama In Swing States”

  1. […] people excited about Obamacare are excited in theory and have little to lose. That is, they are already richand can afford what they want no matter or they’re already poor and on the government […]

  2. […] I’m thinking support will firm up and that person will rise in the polls.Update: Linked by The Pirate’s Cove – thanks!Tweetvaso linkTags: obama, obamacare, Romney, Santorum, swing states This entry was […]

  3. Gumball_Brains says:

    LoL… I like how the article doesn’t even mention Nute.. I mean Newt and Paul. The media, in the deep down, really understand that this is a debate on freedom to choose and the control over government. But, I love the distinction between these two. Romney – pro-government control. Santorum, pro-government spending.

    I think I’d take spending over control. I also love Santorum’s passion.

    get this:

    Lynn West, 58, a retired state education official from Boscawen, N.H., is exasperated that a law she says has been “fabulous” for her family continues to draw so much heat. Under its provisions, her 24-year-old son has been able to stay on his father’s health insurance plan after graduating from the University of New Hampshire two years ago.

    Thanks to this crappy economy, kids will have to stay home with their parents for much longer in order to get their feet under them. Even getting a college degree is no guarantee of a good job now. (welcome back to the 1930’s!)

    Her 77-year-old mother, who lives in nearby Concord, has seen her prescription costs decline.

    Yes, we all love free stuff. But sometimes, one must choose. Guess she loves her son more than her mother, as she is taking care of her son’s insurance, but not her mom’s?

  4. I think either one of them will do very fine. Romney might be a bit better on the economy, but, he might be a bit squishy on social issues.

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