Bummer: CO2 Rises Despite Warmist Policies

I’m shocked, shocked I tell you! Who woulda thunk that all the Big Central Government means of saving Gaia from evil CO2 would fail miserably?

(UK Telegraph) The latest figures from the Department of Energy and Climate change show emissions rose by more than 3 per cent in 2010, the first increase since 2003.

The rise in carbon dioxide and other gases comes despite a swathe of Government policies to cut emissions, such as building wind farms and installing solar panels.

Ed Davey, the new Energy and Climate Change Secretary, said it was just a blip in the long term goal to halve emissions by 2025.

“One year won’t knock the UK off meeting its long-term emission reduction targets, but it serves to underline the importance of the coalition’s policies for insulating homes to cut bills and emissions and moving to greener alternative forms of energy,” he said.

In other words, expect more Big Central Government programs which take away liberties.

The rise in emissions was blamed largely on the UK coming out of a recession and the increase in gas use for heating homes in the face of cold weather at the beginning and the end of the year.

Wait, what? Heating their homes from harsh winters? Isn’t CO2 supposed to make things warm? Hmm, it’s not like Europe is going through yet another cold winter or something.

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