Useful Idiots Launch Anti-Iran War Protests

I guess we could term this a pre-protest, since President Bush, er, Obama, isn’t even at the stage of threatening war against Iran

(WTVD Raleigh) Rising tensions with Iran spawned anti-war protests in the Triangle. About two dozen protesters gathered outside the federal courthouse in downtown Raleigh Friday.

The protesters in Raleigh joined people in at least four dozen other cities protesting American involvement in pressuring Iran to end its nuclear program.

“I feel that our nation is way too aggressive,” said protester Stormie Kirk. “I don’t feel like we have any right to be involved in what’s going on in Iran.”

Actually sounds more like a RON PAUL!!!!1!!!! supporter then your typical deluded liberal. Either way, they’re Blaming Bush America because Iran is being naughty. That said, I will agree with some of the protesters that sanctions never really work in regards to the rulers of a sanctioned country, and simply tend to hurt the average people. But, the protesters have no actual ideas, other than just saying “it’s cool if an a country led by Islamic extreme-fundamentalists who support terrorism and wiping out a country (Israel) and its people get nuclear weapons. We’ll maybe possibly consider discussing the situation when they’ve exploded their first weapon.”

(WRAL) Organizers of the protests in the U.S. say even sanctions are an act of war on the Iranian people. They list their demands as: “No war, no sanctions, no intervention, no assassinations against Iran.”

Nicole Serban, a student at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill was protesting both the cost and the potential outcome of any action in Iran.

“It is disturbing that as the U.S.has shown its utter failure in Iraq and Afghanistan, and dozens of other nations across the world that it would dare threaten to go into another country such as Iran,” she said. “Yet, at the same time as hundreds of billions are wasted on terrible wars, the State of North Carolina is discussing raising its tuition on public universities.”

Except, the US is not really threatening war with Iran. But, hey, don’t let a good anti-war narrative get in the way of facts. And, yes, the useful idiots plan to spend their Saturday protesting some more. I’d be more impressed if they protested in front of the White House.

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