Why, Yes, Charlotte Did Need A Hazmat Crew After Removing The Occupiers

I’m shocked!

(Charlotte Observer) Charlotte-Mecklenburg police returned to the Occupy Charlotte site before daybreak Tuesday, awakening and evicting several protesters who were sleeping on the lawn of the old City Hall overnight.

And over to the Charlotte Observer’s blog (kinda sad they are using Blogspot)

The Fire Department’s hazardous materials team was called out to the Occupy Charlotte site Tuesday, after police discovered that protesters were apparently using a storm drain as a bathroom.

According to sources, the storm drain on the lawn of old City Hall empties into Little Sugar Creek. City officials were trying to figure out the most effective and environmentally friendly way to clean up the mess. It’s unclear if police will be able to charge anyone with a crime.

Wait, I thought these lefties cared about the environment?

Sister Toldjah has much more on the Occupier desecration of her home town.

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