Global Warming Today: North Pole Ice Free! Run Away, Run Away!

No, seriously, that is what is being pushed now

You know when climate change is biting hard when instead of a vast expanse of snow the North Pole is a vast expanse of water. This year, for the first time, Arctic scientists are preparing for that possibility.

“The set-up for this summer is disturbing,” says Mark Serreze, of the US National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC). A number of factors have this year led to most of the Arctic ice being thin and vulnerable as it enters its summer melting season.

In September 2007, Arctic sea ice reached a record low, opening up the fabled North-West passage that runs from Greenland to Alaska.

Set this one aside, folks, and save it for when October rolls around, and it has not come to pass. Particularly since the climate temperature has not changed since 1998. 2008 is expected to be a cooler then the recent average year. The Sun is going through a non-active phase. El Nino is kicking in. The heat is not going in to the oceans, and scientists are puzzled. Greenland and parts of the Antarctic ice shelves are picking up ice.

Of course, ABC News and the “scientist” are hedging their bets, saying “could be ice free.” So, to me, this looks more like the Chicken Little’s are trying to scare people and get them to change their behavior invest in some carbon credits and get a few more government grants.

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2 Responses to “Global Warming Today: North Pole Ice Free! Run Away, Run Away!”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Better back those statements up with facts.
    2007 (last year) was the SECOND warmest on record
    It narrowly lost out to 2005 by a scant .03 degrees celsius
    As far as Antarctica and Greenland picking up more ice, please try to remember that snowfall is an indication ONLY of precipitation, not a change in temperature.
    Teach do you remember Otzi the Iceman who was found in the glacier in Italy in 1991 ? He had been buried in Ice since 3300 BC but now “strangely” after all that time the ice melted. Gee I wonder if that could be an indication of climate change ?Ötzi_the_Iceman
    Your obsession with the denial of global climate change is like that of the 9/11 troofers. They too find some “scientists” who prove their point. Just as the overwhelming majority of scientists believe in evolution (but not all!) scientific consensus says that the unprecedented rate of climate change is at least partly caused by humans.

  2. manbearpig says:

    scientific consensus says that the unprecedented rate of climate change is at least partly caused by humans.

    Only partly? I thought that when the UN report came out, and someone can go look it up, since I’m lazy (I’m sure some fanatic lib will be more than willing) it said that humans were the “likely” cause of global warming. When did it become “partly caused by humans”?

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