Surrender Monkey Friday: Steve Clemons Hearts Hamas

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Surrendie is thrilled, because he was allowed to branch out and look at people who are not part of the government, are not politicians or big time political wonks, but, instead average old bloggers. And, since the sheer terrorist supporting/Israeli hating moronity (I know, not a word) of Steve Clemons appears on the Huffington Post, hey, it’s representative. BTW, his own site is Surrender Monkey worthy, too!

Ben Smith of Politico points out that Barack Obama has “drawn a line” regarding which of the world’s problematic bad guys should be met by Presidents like himself — and Jimmy Carter. He thinks Carter should not meet any Hamas leaders.

I guess isolation works for some and not others — but ah, just when does one know in Obama’s play book?

Apparently, he’s OK meeting Israeli leaders because they disavow terrorism — but still they protect and establish illegal settlements and have installed more roadblocks and inhibitions to Palestinian mobility than was the case since the November 2007 Annapolis Summit. And while knocking Carter’s efforts, Obama fails to articulate how any negotiation that does not include in some way a wrestling match and attempt at a negotiation with Hamas will be stable enough to believe in. (snip, after lots of anti-Israel/pro-Hamas bloviating)

Former President Jimmy Carter is right to try and do what can be done to kick the tires of an alternative, internal solution to the political division of Palestine. His work may fail — but the effort is worth exploring.

I’ve mentioned the Carter to meet with Hamas kefuffle a few times at McCain Blogs. Most people would say “not a good idea.” But not hard core progressives! They love the idea of enabling terrorists and destroying Israel. Clemons is also highlighting that he doesn’t really understand the issues, and sure doesn’t understand isolation. And let’s not forget a failure to understand the intentions of the Islamists, which run anywhere from destroying Israel, to convert or kill the infidel, to a worldwide caliphate.

Surrendie is really feeling good now!

Late afternoon update: Hot Air has video of Mary Katherine Hamm discussing Carter wanting to meet with Hamas.

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  1. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    “Hey… let me out of this closet. I’ve been blindfolded and tied up for … 444 days!”
    – Tehran US Embassy hostage 1979-1980!
    Guess WHO the president was then? Hint: He was a Defeatocrat with the lips of a bass and the spine of a worm!

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