Flying Imams Get Smacked Around

Well, now that shamnesty is dead for a few years (at least), what else is happening out there?

MINNEAPOLIS: A federal judge overseeing a lawsuit filed by six Muslim men, who were removed from a US Airways flight last fall has declined to limit media access to the case.

Omar T. Mohammedi, a New York attorney for the six men, told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he sought limited media access because he felt some of the coverage of the case has been biased against his clients.

"When you think of the media, and the way they have been portraying this case, it has not been very helpful. It has been biased," Mohammedi said. "That has caused a lot of stress, a lot of stress on our clients, as well as made it difficult for us to handle this case … in a manner that it should be handled."

Sniffle, sob.

In other words, the Imams and their lawyers want free reign to say all their crazy stuff, without the media having any coverage and reporting it, so that they do not look bad for their possible extremist views. Nor do they want the public to hear any more about their strange and provacative behavior before boarding the plane, and prior to the plane leaving.

In a letter dated Tuesday and addressed to Mohammedi, U.S. District Judge Ann Montgomery noted that Mohammedi had requested that the court remove members of the media from an electronic distribution list, bar members of the media from attending hearings, and hold proceedings in closed session.

"The Court declines to treat this case in the extraordinary manner that you request," the judge wrote. She added that the public and press have an interest in full access to judicial proceedings under the First Amendment constitutional guarantees to free speech.

Yeah, those who push sharia hate that pesky First.

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