Coulter Vs Bed Wetting Edwards

I really was just going to ignore the whole Ann Coulter/My Little Silk Pony kerfuffle, but, let’s be frank: the vast majority of liberals ignore the times that those on their side wish death on Conservatives, such as Cheney, Bush, Laura Bush, Laura Ingraham, etc., as well as religious leaders, plus are just plain nasty. The Huff Post shut their comments off when the reported on the death of Reverand Falwell, and the kooks still posted hateful things on posts having nothing to do with Falwell. There is plenty of docementation of this. Yet, the majority of those on the left were strangely silent. W

So, when a Conservative says something mildly offensive in attacking a liberal, they all wet their pants and get in an uproar, talking about those mean spirited neocons. They should police their own houses before trying to clean others. Their moral outrage is ludicrous in its hypocrisy.

It may not be fair, but, I really don’t feel like trolling the DU, Kos, Huff Post, or other leftwing sites, so I will call out Silke at Hooah Wife and Friends. Ann was making a point (also, generating revenue producing notice for herself. Smart lady!) about the liberal hypocrisy when it comes to hate speech.

But, back to the Silken Pony

(USA Today) Democrat John Edwards said tonight he’s proud that his wife, Elizabeth, went toe-to-toe with Ann Coulter after the firebrand author said she wished John Edwards had been killed by terrorists.

"I don’t think she has any shame," Edwards said on MSNBC’s Hardball a night after Coulter appeared and tangled with his wife by phone. "And her response to any effort to raise the dialogue, to talk about things that people care about, is to attack in a mean, hateful, mean-spirited way."

And he has no balls. He had to send his wife out to fight back, while he hid behind her skirt and got his hair done. He was chickenshit about going on Fox News for a debate. He hired an anti-male/anti-christian bigot to be his webmistress, then backed down and let her go in the face of adversity. He blamed his staff for his $400 haircuts. And this guy wants to be president? If he wins, will he send Liz out to chide terrorist leaders and others who attack him? Instead of being tagged with Senator Gone, perhaps we could call him "President Fluffy?"

Big Pussy

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3 Responses to “Coulter Vs Bed Wetting Edwards”

  1. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Is this John ‘Robin Hood’ Edwards, who is a multi-millionaire that robs from the middle class and gives to the poor? The same millionaire lawyer type that robs votes from the poor in order to live a rich life style? ANN COULTER is AOK and I will subscribe to her HUMAN EVENTS CONSERVATIVELY WEEKLY newspaper regularly!

  2. Nathan Tabor says:

    I don’t think Elizabeth Edwards did her husband’s campaign any favors by deciding to arm-wrestle Coulter. It’s hard to appear presidential and “above the fray” after that…although, before this, he didn’t really come off as presidential or above the fray either…

  3. I’m hoping I can get the President Fluffy tag going 🙂

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