Duke Lacrosse: Players Want Criminal Charges Against Nifong

So Fox News is reporting.

Beleaguered and disbarred prosecutor Mike Nifong could wind up in jail if a motion is granted asking that criminal charges be filed against him, FOX News has learned.

The three Duke University lacrosse players falsely accused of rape plan to file the motion against the Durham County district attorney on Friday.

If the motion asking for criminal sanctions against Nifong is granted, the prosecutor could land in prison.


Michelle M with more.

Update: WRAL Raleigh is on the case

The 42-page motion, which alleges Nifong broke at least a dozen laws, cites Nifong’s alleged misconduct in court on Sept. 22 and Dec. 15 regarding potentially exculpatory evidence as well as misleading statements he made to the media regarding that evidence.

"Mr. Nifong engaged in a pattern of official misconduct that … included multiple material misrepresentations to multiple courts on multiple occasions," the motion said. "And it represented a continuing and ongoing violation of the multiple Constitutional, statutory, ethical and court-ordered duties imposed on Mr. Nifong in this case regarding that evidence."

Defense attorneys are also asking the court to asses the costs incurred in uncovering evidence that revealed DNA profiles from four unidentified males on the accuser — none of which was from any of the 46 lacrosse players who submitted DNA samples under a court order.

Looks like they are not only want criminal proceedings, but are looking into how much Nifong’s folly truly cost the players in a prelude to a civil suit. Which, unfortunately, will cost the People of NC, not Nifong personally.

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