Just Testing Something

will it work?

Let’s see

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2 Responses to “Just Testing Something”

  1. 1389 says:

    I’m posting this comment here because it’s about your blog software, not about any one particular article. I noticed that your blog uses a mobile interface so that I can read it on my cellphone. I mentioned it on my blog:


    article submitted to Digg:


    and I also added your blog to my blogroll of mobile sites and submitted it to:


    I’m hoping that this will draw attention to your blog’s mobile interface. When people have a few minutes while they’re on the bus or train, or waiting for an appointment, they now have the opportunity to spend the time educating themselves by reading your blog on their cellphones or PDAs, and having an occasional good laugh too!

  2. Thanks for the link, 1389. Check out this page (http://www.thepiratescove.us/?page_id=3999), it has all the plugins I use, including the one for mobile devices.

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