Enemy In Iraq Desperate

It really is a good thing Democrats are not in charge of Operation Iraqi Freedom, or any other aspect of the GWoT. They are out there saying Iraq is lost, that the surge is failing before it is even completed, and we should just take our ball and go home like a petualent child.

Dingy Harry has stated "Attacks on U.S. forces are up, not down" without even considering what is going on in Iraq. Fortunately, there are other people who have a firm grasp of reality, and are not beholden to far left surrender monkeys

WASHINGTON, June 14, 2007 – The fight for security in Baghdad is likely to “get harder over the coming months as we engage an increasingly desperate enemy,” the deputy secretary of state said in Baghdad today. (Video)

John D. Negroponte, who served as U.S. ambassador to Iraq from 2004 until assuming his current post in February, spoke with reporters after two days of meetings in Iraq with senior U.S. and Iraqi leaders.

All recognize that as the Baghdad security plan reaches full stride with the last of the surge troops arriving this month, difficult days are likely to remain ahead, he said.

Negroponte reiterated U.S. condemnation of yesterday’s “vicious” attack on the Golden Mosque in Samarra and said Americans share the Iraqi’s outrage.

“This brutal action on one of Iraq’s holiest shrines is a deliberate attempt by al Qaeda to sow dissent and inflame sectarian strife among the people of Iraq,” Negroponte said. “It is further evidence of the enemy’s indiscriminate violence and efforts to obstruct the peaceful political and economic development of a democratic Iraq.”

Negroponte joined other U.S. and Iraqi leaders in urging Iraqis “to reject this call to violence.” 

“Those who perpetrated this violence cannot be allowed to succeed with their sinister aims,” he said.

By the Democrats standards, we should have given up in most wars the United States has fought in, going all the way back to the War of Independence, as their were certainly times that the enemy fought back, especially as it became clearer who the victor would be. In WWII, it was approximately 3 Americans killed for every one German. The Japanese fought tooth and nail to the last man on the Pacific Islands. Sounds like we should have just given up, because it was too hard. 5,000 Americans died training for D Day. Should we have given up, Harry? The British burned D.C. during the War of 1812. That seems like it should have been the proper time to just give up. And I am sure you can find plenty more examples of times when the US should have just thrown in the towel.

But we don’t, unless Democrats force us to do, as with Vietnam. And Somalia.

Give the Presidents plan a chance to work. If you cannot support it, Liberals, then how about not denigrating it, which simply emboldens the enemy? This is not asking you to give up your free speech rights, it is simply asking you to understand that speech has consequences. If you want your country to fail, to lose, then keep it up.

The Surge has completed the deployment of the assigned troops, the Washington Post reports. Give it the chance it deserves.

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3 Responses to “Enemy In Iraq Desperate”

  1. John Ryan says:

    2/3 of the American people should shut up ??? I DON’T THINK SO !!
    Arrogance and stubbornness also have consequences and America has already paid too high of a price for both.
    Replacing generals and slogans only shows how poorly we have fared so far.
    Iraq may well be the end of the Republican party, I for one do not think it worth it.

  2. Yes, they should, John. Unless they truly want America to lose. Do you?

  3. I thought you replaced generals when they were not doing their job properly…
    Silly me.
    Let’s give this a chance shall we? I’d prefer to finish the job that was started thanks…

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