W Radio’s It In

Low points of the presidents radio address

Back at home, America is engaged in an important discussion about immigration. Most Americans agree that the 1986 immigration law failed. It failed because it did not secure our border, it did not include tough worksite enforcement, it did not help people assimilate, and it encouraged more people to come here illegally. Today, illegal immigration is supported by criminal enterprises dedicated to document forgery, human trafficking, and labor exploitation. This is unacceptable, and we need to fix it in a way that honors our finest traditions.

Ok, so why don’t we deal with that, rather then giving amnesty to illegals, including those who are murderers, rapists, pedophiles, gang members, and absonders? Do we need an 800 page document to do this? And, BTW, W, illegal immigration seems to be supported by you and others in the federal government.

People have strong feelings on this issue. I believe we can express our feelings, disagree on certain elements, and still come together on a solution. We can accomplish that through the bipartisan Senate bill. It is based on months of negotiation. The result is legislation that puts border security first, establishes a temporary worker program to meet the legitimate needs of our growing economy, sets up a mandatory system for verifying employment eligibility, and resolves the status of the estimated 12 million people who are here illegally. If this bill becomes law, America will finally have in place a system that addresses all these problems — and can be adjusted to address future problems that may arise.

Yet, you smeared your base, the people who supported you above all others. Negotiations in secret. Legislation that forgets that we already have existing laws. The status of the 12 million illegals is simple: they are law breakers, and have no right to be here.

I understand the skepticism some members of Congress have regarding certain aspects of this legislation. Like any legislation, this bill is not perfect. And like many Senators, I believe the bill will need to be further improved along the way before it becomes law. In the heat of the debate, critics and supporters can sometimes talk past each other. So I want to speak to members about some of the concerns I have heard.

Is calling your base fear-mongers "talking past them?" Senators tried to improve it. Reid cut off debate for adding amendments. Talk to him, sparky.

I know some of you doubt that the Federal government will make good on the border security and enforcement commitments in this bill. My Administration is determined to learn from the mistakes of the past decades. And that is why we are now committing more resources than ever before to border security, doubling the number of Border Patrol agents, building hundreds of miles of fencing, and employing advanced technology, from infrared sensors to unmanned aerial vehicles. The bill builds on this progress by requiring that we meet border security objectives before certain other provisions can take effect.

I wasn’t aware that 3 miles of fence equalled hundreds. The border agents are not behind your plans, and none of them are really coming to fruition. They are being ignored. The bill cannot build on what hasn’t even occured.

Please stop insulting us, Mr. President. Yes, it is better to be right then popular. With this shamnesty bill, you are neither.

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  1. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Blackbeard – Dubya is a Baptist, Laura is a Methodist, Bush #41 is Anglican I think, and Jeb and his Mexican wife are Catholic! That’s a diverse family of faith, eh? ‘W’ turned his back on the two US Border Agents and opens his arms wide for plus 12 million law breaking illegal aliens? I am sick to my stomach – bigtime! – GOPhers 2007?

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