Murtha Blames USA For JFK Plot

Yup, he sure does (sorry, audio quality kinda sucks. Couldn’t get it to record at a lower volume. Might want to lower your volume a bit)

Say, Jack, how many of the 9/11 terrorists were Afghanies? How about those who attacked the USS Cole, Kobar Towers, and the World Trade Towers in 1993, among others? Bin Laden is Saudi. Jack? Jack? Hello?

I mentioned Newsbusters wondering how soon the media would question the timing of the JFK plot yesterday (followed by a selection of Hufftardian comments). Now, from Newsbusters, we get this

Well, Sunday morning, actually went one better by using a statement made by John Murtha (D-Pennsylvania) on “This Week” as the headline for the video of George Stephanopoulos’ interview with the Congressman: “Murtha Ties Foiled JFK Plot to U.S. in Iraq.”

You can listen and watch the entire disgusting thing over at ABC. Make sure you read the written excerpts at Newsbusters.

Hot Air has more, and several question for Surrender Monkey Murtha.

Can we question his patriotism, and sanity, yet?

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One Response to “Murtha Blames USA For JFK Plot”

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