Terrorist Plot In NY Busted

Now, most of y’all probably know about the plot in New York

Several men were charged today with plotting to destroy New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) by planting explosives to blow up massive jet-fuel supply tanks and a 40-mile pipeline. 

The arrests include Russell Defreitas, a Brooklyn resident who was born in Guyana and a former airport cargo worker. Trinidad officials arrested Kareem Ibrahim, a Trinidad citizen, and Abdul Kadir, a former member of the Guyanese parliament. A fourth suspect still at large has been identified as Abdel Nur, a Guyanese national.

Now, if you want a good breakdown of the timeline and what is really going on, check out Hot Air, Blue Star Chronicles, or Michelle Malkin’s spot. There is excellent information at all three, including who exactly was involved, and who may be involved. I shant attempt to reconstruct, having been at work all day.

But, what I can do is say that my first thought was "thank goodness this was stopped!" My second was, what are the Nutroots nutbags thinking? Now, Newsbusters is wonder how soon the media will question the timing. The Moonbats at the Huff Post are already doing that, along with their other assholery (which seems to be the only Lefty site bothering with the story, as Little Green Footballs points out)

  • I don’t know what this one is all about but I have to say it sounds a lot like the couple of other things our ubiquitous homeland security bunch have "stopped" I have to say if I am supposed to be terrified I am not Sounds like they nailed another bunch of keystone terrorists (I have no clue what is going on, but I will comment anyhow)
  • Another non-story about a bunch of terrorist wanna-bes who were tracked by the authorities right from the start. The first question that always pops into my mind with these bogus revelations is "Why right now?"…
  • First there was that guy who was going to take down the Brooklyn Bridge with an acetylene torch, and now this! That settles it! No more loose talk of restoring habeas corpus! The last thing we need to do at this juncture is tie the hands of our superhero War Criminal-in-Chief and his Attorney Genicle– so named because he’s the Commander’s left ball!
  • My opinion on this so-called terror plan is bull crap. Why? because this administration has been caught in many lies. Who the heck would beleive them, if it was a fact. Their lies endanger our lives.
  • I am FAR more afraid of being falsely imprisoned by Homeland Security than I am of being attacked by terrorists.
  • Good police work. This is the way you fight terrorists. Not by invading Iraq or dragging the military into the process. Now how long will it be before Bush lands at JFK in a military jet and makes an appearance in his flightsuit complete with codpiece and tries to take credit for the work.
  • Yeah right, when politics heats up, be very affraid. Wouldn’t it be nice if they took out CHIMPLAND IN CRAWFORD, when all the assholes were there. Who would care, I would say give them the medal of freedom. (the obligatory assassinate Bush comment)
  • Son of Satan-Chaney’s boys have been at it again. Whenever things aren’t going their way, the trot out another bogus terrorist story for the fear effect.
  • I am so sick to death of this nonsense. I like the above poster am more fearful of our government than I am anywhere else.
  • "The plot posed no threat to air safety or the public, the FBI said Saturday."
    Uh, is it just me or does anyone else not see how this could be a JFK terror plot if no threat was posed. If the incompetent fools running Homeland security had any crediblity, one might take this seriously. As it is, call me a cynic if you will, I see just another jesus-loving bush zealot trying to divert attention from this country’s biggest failure in history.
    And of course, the AP is playing stenographer like a good little boy…. (a bit of Christian bashing, for good measure)
  • Well, the Bush Administration managed to undermine and politicize the Justice Department … looks like they pulled the same trick with the FBI.
  • Another set of knuckleheads with a FBI/CIA handler.
    We’ve seen the Sears Tower Seven, the Fort Dix Six, this bunch must be the Jet Fuel Four. (nice that they take this seriously, but, of course, we know they think it is all BS)
  • Ever notice how the regime trots out these kinds of stories when they want to change the news from bad-for-them to good?

There is all sorts of feelings about how great police work is, and how bad the military solutions are. Of course, they want it both ways: it is all fake, but the law enforcement solution is great.

And BTW, that is only through the beginning of page 2. Plenty more where that came from.

Can we question their sanity yet, along with their patriotism?

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2 Responses to “Terrorist Plot In NY Busted”

  1. Four arrested in plot to bomb fuel lines at JFK ai…

    A plot to potentially destroy one of New York’s leading airports has been thwarted…

  2. The War on Terror is NOT a Bumper Sticker…

    The few times I’ve heard the news today, I’ve heard about the plot to blow up JFK Airport that was foiled today.

    It is interesting listening to the media’s take on the terrorists plot. Various ‘experts’ are interviewed and various talking heads…

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