Chris Dodd’s New Hater

Ian Schwartz points out Chris Dodd hiring a foul fingered, woman, Christian, and troop hater to be his official blogger. Why am I not surprised? This is what the Left is all about: hate.

Ironically, in a post titled “The truth about misogynists” Mr. Browner-Hamlin saw fit to label Ann Althouse as an “asshole” and “fuckwit.” He also used the same words to describe Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit and Ace of Ace of Spades because of “anti-woman” language he accuses them of using:

Check the whole thing.

On another note Tracy Russo, the long time lead blogger for, the official Dem blog, has moved on to be the blogmistress for My Little Silke Pony. Guess he pays better then Howie Dean. I would be careful if you get pregnant and need care in NC, Tracy. Do not announce you work for Edwards if so.

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