Mother’s Day And Tornado In Greensburg

I just want to mention briefly two pieces of legislation that I touched on well over a week ago, which show the ineptness and inability of the Democrat led House. Those two are

  1. A bill "Supporting the goals and ideals of Mother’s Day"
  2. A bill "Expressing the sympathy of the House of Representatives to the citizens of Greensburg, Kansas, over the devastating tornado of May 4, 2007."

Clicking on the links, you can see that both were referred to committee, and have gone nowhere since. I suppose the Mother’s Day one can wait, but, you would think it would be a slam dunk for passage.

The second, though, is despicable. Here we are almost 20 days later, and the House cannot even pass it, which again, should be a slam dunk.

For shame!

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2 Responses to “Mother’s Day And Tornado In Greensburg”

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