Church Sign Angers Muslims In Spring Hope

Of course, how else do the Muslims respond to every slight?

Spring Hope — Words like "bomb" and "die" draw attention to the small sign in front of Good News Independent Baptist Church.

Rev. Gary Murrell put up the sign, which on one side claims the message of Islam is "submit, convert or die."

The other side reads: "When is the last time you heard of a Jew or Christian with a bomb strapped to their body?" Despite some in the Islamic community who claim the sign is offensive, Murrell says it is not a hate sign.

"It was not put up there with the purpose of showing that we hate those people," he said. "It’s not the people, it’s the religion."

Murrell says it is a violent religion compared to Christianity. But not everyone agrees.

"I would really say that the actions of one individual really do not represent the Islamic faith," said Debbie Jaunich, with the Islamic Center of Raleigh. "The Islamic faith really calls for peace."

One person? Apparently, Miss Jaunich has not been paying attention to world affairs. Was it just one person who rioted after Newsweeks bogus story about Koran flushing? Or going ape after the Danish Mohammed cartoons? Or attacked the USA on 9/11? Attacked Britian on 7/7?

In retrospect, she is partially correct, as it is typically "the actions of one individual" when suicide bombings happen. It was just one individual who blew up a pregnant Israeli woman and her child. It was one individual who walked on to a bus or into a pizza parlor and blew themselves, and those around them, up.

But, it was not one individual who killed a Buddist villager and two police officers in Thailand, murdered three Afghani’s, or killed two civilians by roadside bomb in Somailia, in recent days. Or attacked a school in Gaza. It is not individuals, as the attacks are all done in Allah’s name.

It is not one individual who is is teaching hatred and violence at mosque’s and Islamic schools around the world.

If Muslims really want to believe their religion is about peace, then perhaps they should get up on their soapboxes and start decrying the murder and wonton violence perpatrated in the name of their religion. Because no one is buying the whole "Islam is a religion of peace" gig. Maybe most are not involved, but they give their tacit approval but keeping quiet.

And, just for clarification, both sides of the sign are correct, and, of course, Juanich is pushing the bigotry and intollerance meme, rather the addressing the actual substance.

More: A Blog For All discusses extremism in Islam.

The problem for Muslim leaders who make these pronouncements denouncing terrorism and violence is that they’re not only in the minority, but the extremists consider such views to be apostasy punishable by death.

And more: Michelle Malkin writes about the sign.

Bullwinkle has video from WRAL.

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6 Responses to “Church Sign Angers Muslims In Spring Hope”

  1. 123beta says:

    Very Busy Open Trackback Weekend…

    Lots going on in my world this weekend… I’ll be hanging out with my daughter Shelby at the Blues Festival……

  2. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    During the Gulf War we were FORBIDDEN to bring a Holy Bible into crew rest with us in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and Egypt… This is America – for Americans – If the Muslims don’t like OUR country’s religious beliefs and rights… too bad!
    “One nation, under GOD (not Allah), indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

  3. Louise says:

    I am so sick of this “collective guilt” crap that right-wingers hang on all Muslims. Every single time some nut attacks an abortion clinic, every time some militia creep spouts white supremacy hatred, every time some serial killer or psycho kills “in the name of God” or because voices tell them to “save the victim’s soul,” every time some scumbag kills a homosexual because he or she is committing a “crime against nature,” and on and on…I don’t hear Christian and/or conservative leaders and groups bleating their apologies all the time. Right now, conservatives are fighting hard against “Hate Crime” Legislation, which is sometimes the only way to punish murderers who sometimes go free because local sympathies allow them to literally get away with murder because of bigotry and bias. And, there was that Holocaust thing. Christians sent those Jews, gypsies, gays, Poles and mentally disabled people into the gas chambers. Not Muslims and not other “pagans.” Christians are responsible for one of the most horrific mass murder events in the history of the world. So, get over yourselves and leave the 99.99% of the Muslim community alone. They are busy raising their children, working and leading good and decent lives. They don’t need to take time apologizing to people who have absolutely no right to “throw stones.” Am I a Muslim? No. I am a Roman Catholic. We did that Crusade thing and burned lots of heretics at the stake – alive. Yes, we had our less than honorable times too!

  4. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Liberal Louise – You’re name isn’t in the Book of Life obviously so your ilk won’t have any excuses answering for the slaughter of 48 million babies!
    “Never estimate the power of the RIGHT side!” – Death Star II
    PS: I won’t wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.
    PS II: The Grand Mufti was a Muslim Nazi that did participate in Hitler’s FINAL SOLUTION in Berlin my CNN Demliblooney.
    PS III: Romney-Giuliani in 2008!

  5. Louise, your left wing anti-Christian rant isn’t worth dissecting, since you have no clue who the Nazi’s were nor what they believed it. Suffice to say, they were not Christians.

  6. Bill says:


    You need to go to to learn about ISLAM.

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