Religion of Women Haters

When all you Christians and Hebrews, Druids and Buddhists, go to any sort of service, is this what you get? (hat tip to super Maggie at The Bullwinkle Blog)

“In London, hate preacher Abu Hamza al-Masri called upon the faithful to murder female tourists in his native Egypt, saying: “If a woman, even a Muslim woman, is naked and you have no way of covering her up, it is legitimate to kill her.”

Yet no women's groups (read left wing) have stepped up to the plate to condemn this kind of talk, just like they said nary a word about the way women were treated in Iraq under Saddam.

How about gratuitous photo of hot Muslim hip hop artist Deeyah? (photo courtesty of Rusty)


You can see the video that got her death threats from the peaceful, tolerant Muslim leaders here.

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2 Responses to “Religion of Women Haters”

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  2. Serenity says:

    It is sick that women are treated that way. A friend moved to saudi with her husband Neither are saudi nationals. She was not able to leave the area without husbands consent OR the consent from a 10 year old son.

    Maybe I am too independent but I would never survive in a culture were I can not speak my mind and do as I please. Nice video! Hope women start standing up for thier sisters around the world.

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