6 Shot At Jewish Center In Seattle: Religion of Pieces Involved

From the Seattle Times (more comprehensive article then the AP one)

A Muslim man angry with Israel barged into the offices of the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle Friday afternoon and opened fire with a handgun, killing one woman and wounding five others before surrendering to police.

Three of the women were in critical condition late Friday.

A law-enforcement source identified the arrested suspect as Naveed Afzal Haq, 30, who until recently had lived in Everett, and said Haq apparently has a history of mental illness. Court records show Haq has a charge of lewd conduct pending against him in Benton County.

The shooting came a day after the FBI had warned Jewish organizations nationwide to be on alert after Hezbollah leaders in Lebanon and al-Qaida's second in command urged that the war raging in the Middle East be carried to the U.S. However, the law-enforcement source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said there is no evidence Haq was involved with any group.

"He said he hates Israel," said the source, who is part of the Seattle Joint Terrorism Task Force, which was called in to help investigate the shootings.

Ah, another peaceful act by a Muslim in the name of his religion. Remember when another Muslim tried to kill Americans at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill? I'm sure those on the Left can acess their hatred of Christianity emails and talking points, but I cannot recall Christians killing and assaulting others in the name of their religion. Maybe being nasty, such as the Westboro Baptist Church members who protest gays at military funerals. But, they are not trying to kill people.

While the article has much more detail then the AP one that is circulating, it is taking a decidedly liberal tone (what else from Seattle?) which is meant to show that this was a random act by a disturbed individual working completely alone, so nothing to worry about, folks. Perhaps it was. Considering that this happens a day after the Hezbollah warning, and that there are supposedly plenty of Hezbollah and AL Queda cells in the US, it should be given more then a passing thought. Because it is still a Muslim attempting to kill, and killing, non Muslims. And all it takes is one with a gun. Or bomb. Knife. Etc.

Did I mention this?

A fire department spokeswoman said at least two women, ages 23 and 29, were shot; a third woman was shot; and one person suffered a knee injury that may have been caused by shattered glass or a gunshot.

The Seattle Times reports one of the wounded is described as a 43-year-old woman who was shot in the abdomen while another is described as 17 weeks pregnant.

Of course, to the Left, when a pregnant woman is shot, it is only assualt on one person.

Let's hope that this isolated and the only action.

Late night update: From WRAL

A judge in Seattle has found probable cause to hold a suspect on one count of murder and five counts of attempted murder in Friday's deadly shooting at a Jewish charity.


The judge set bail at $50 million for Naveed Afzal Haq.

I'm not sure I have ever heard of bail that high. Maybe the libs in Seattle are getting it.

And, let's not forget:

Colleagues identified the woman killed as Pam Waechter, 58. Five other women were wounded in the shooting — three of them critically.


Three of the injured women, all of whom had been shot in the abdomen, were upgraded from critical to serious condition Saturday morning, according to a hospital spokeswoman. Two others were in satisfactory condition: a 37-year-old woman who is five months pregnant and who had been shot in the forearm; and another woman who was shot in the knee.


The names of the women who were wounded were not immediately released

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2 Responses to “6 Shot At Jewish Center In Seattle: Religion of Pieces Involved”

  1. Bull Jones says:

    This is the kind of crap that – despite the best efforts of the Liberal Loonies – may lead to another Crusade. Eventually the other nations and religions will be sick to death of these scum-claiming-to-be-Muslims and take out their ire on Islam as a whole. Oil or no-oil, the Greater Islamic world would crumble to dust should that happen.

    It would be yet another disgrace upon Mankind. Yet I find myself almost wishing it would come to pass. One final eradication of Islam and it is over. How sad is that? I, too, am of a very minor religion and I know what it is like to be mistreated for my faith. I’m tired, though. Tired of these muslim extremist murdering innocents in the name of Islam and I just want it to stop.

  2. I keep waiting for the non-extremist Muslims to stand up and say “Enough!” There are probably more non extremists then extremists, Muslims who are peaceful, or at least no worse then your average human. But they are not the visible part of Islam.

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