Competing Liberal Ideas-Both Losers

The impasse in how to fund the government in New Joisey is a good example of why liberal ideas are detestable and not People friendly.

What is Gov Corzine's (D) idea? He wants to raise NJ's sales tax from 6% to 7%.

And the Democratic led Assembly's idea? Raise the income tax on people who earn between $200k and $500k a year. 170,000 NJ residents would be affected by this plan.

Either way, there is no plan anywhere that involves *gasp* lowering spending, or at least spending what they have wisely.  And this is just an indicator of what Democrats would do on the national stage if they regain Congress and the White House.

Granted, the GOP led federal Congress and White House haven't exactly been the greatest on spending, but, at least they aren't jacking up taxes. Because that is exactly what the Democrats would do.  In their minds, your money is not yours. It is The State's. They will decide what to do with it.

And the thought of cutting back is foreign to them. Except on Defense. Then they know how to cut. 

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