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TV Weathercasters Unite To Push ‘Climate Change’ (scam) Or Something

I wonder how much electricity is used to broadcast the weather? TV Meteorologists Unite For Climate Change On The Summer Solstice Surprisingly, there are a small percentage of TV meteorologists that express skepticism on climate change. The American Meteorological Society (AMS), George Mason University, and others have studied the reasons why, and I will say more […]

Good News: The ‘Climate Change’ (scam) Apocalypse Is Happening, Per MP Caroline Lucas

In some places it’s simply called “summer”, but, hey, whatever floats your boat, Warmists Caroline Lucas on Heathrow and climate change: ‘The apocalypse is happening’ The last time I met Caroline Lucas, she was about to stand trial.The Green party co-leader was prosecuted in 2014 following an anti-fracking protest in Balcombe, West Sussex, and was due in court […]

New Warmist Claim: Hurricanes Are Slowing Down Because Of ‘Climate Change’ (scam)

This is how science works in Warmist World: something happens a little bit so it’s blamed/linked to Mankind’s output of greenhouse gases and Doom is proclaimed (via Watts Up With That?, which forgot to add a link to their excerpt, so, I’m using a different one) Hurricanes Are Moving More Slowly, Which Means More Damage […]

Concerned Climahysterics Plan To Sue British Government Or Something

They’re “concerned.” Not enough to give up their own use of fossil fuels and make their lives carbon neutral, nor recommend that all other Warmists do the same. But, enough to sue and demand that Other People pay the price (this is a press release) (Renewable Energy Mag) A group of UK citizens concerned about […]

Bombshell Or Something: Carbon Pollution Is Reducing Kids’ Test Scores! Everybody Panic!

Well, this seems like a new one, and comes from the always Excitable Joe Romm Bombshell study reveals global warming is lowering our kids’ test scores and it will get worse — Climate Progress (@climateprogress) May 30, 2018 Bombshell, baby, bombshell! (Think Progress) A stunning new study of U.S. high school students finds […]

Say, What’s The Biggest Mistake We’ve Made On ‘Climate Change’ (scam)

Personally, it’s a tough choice between allowing scientists with agenda muck with the data, manufacture data, spin data, and so forth, or not pushing members of the Cult of Climastrology to practice what they preach from the top down. The Sydney Morning Herald’s Ross Gittins has a different idea The biggest mistake we’ve made on […]

Income Inequality Is Fueling ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

The BBC thinks it’s on to something How the rich fuel climate change From private jets to overspending, the planet’s wealthiest may be contributing the most to its changing climate, an Oxford professor argues. Income inequality is one of the most significant challenges we face in the 21st Century. But one professor argues that it […]

Global Warming Is Totally Melting Antarctica From Below Or Something

They’re just making it up in contradiction to reality at this point Global warming is melting Antarctic ice from below We all know intuitively that in a warmer world there will be less ice. And, since the North and South Pole regions contain lots of ice, anyone who wants to see evidence of climate change […]

King County, Washington, Joins In On Attempting To Shakedown Oil Companies

Strangely, King County hasn’t announced that it will no longer use fossil fuels for county operations (Seattle Curbed) King County filed a lawsuit in county superior court today against five major oil companies, seeking to put BP, Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch, and Conoco Phillips on the hook for the county’s response to climate change. […]

New Warmist Talking Point: Figure Out Who’s To Blame And Sue Them

By this definition, we should sue the Democratic Party for creating urban slums for Black people, leaving them in poverty, misery, and violence HOW TO FIGHT CLIMATE CHANGE: FIGURE OUT WHO’S TO BLAME, AND SUE THEM HOW IT USED to go was, after some extreme weather event, reporters would ask Climate McScientist, PhD whether the […]

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