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Snow In The South Doesn’t Mean Climate Change Is A Hoax Or Something

Let’s be clear: when you get big snows, or snows in places like Atlanta, sure, people will use that to poo poo anthropogenic climate change. In exactly the same way Warmists will use a hot day, rain, thunderstorms, tornadoes, basically any and every weather event to shriek about a doomed world. Or, this from Excitable […]

Global Warming Will Kill Hopes Of A White Christmas In Ireland Or Something

From the Department Of Give It A Rest comes more scaremongering which will surely mean historic levels of snow in Ireland over the next few years (via Watts Up With That?) Global warming melts hopes of a white Christmas in Ireland A leading climatologist has some bad news for snow-lovers The prospect of Ireland waking […]

Trump Admin Allows Release Of Report Blaming Mankind For ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Tons of media outlets think they Have Something, in that Team Trump would allow this Hotcoldwetdry report to be release. Here’s the Washington Post Trump administration releases report finding ‘no convincing alternative explanation’ for climate change And the NY Times U.S. Report Says Humans Cause Climate Change, Contradicting Top Trump Officials You can go round […]

Big Businesses Climate Targets Are Unambitious Or Something

The Warmists at the UK Guardian seem shocked that most businesses are simply paying lip service to Hotcoldwetdry Big companies’ climate change targets are ‘unambitious’, say analysts While almost all companies have plans in place to reduce carbon emissions, those plans don’t go far enough, according to the Carbon Disclosure Project Nearly nine out of […]

Global Warming Could Be Causing Extreme Cold Snaps Or Something

It’s moving into colder times in the northern hemisphere, so it’s time for the Cult of Climastrology to tell us that heat trapping gasses also cause it to get cold. And not just cold, but extreme cold Yes, Global Warming Could Be Causing Extreme Cold Snaps Unusually cold conditions bring out the climate change deniers, […]

That New Study Saying Global Warming Is Occurring Much Slower Than Thought Doesn’t Say That Or Something

Two days ago we were offered up a glimpse of a new study that basically said that the previous models were utter trash, as Skeptics have been noting for years and years. And now the spin starts New Climate Study Doesn’t Contradict Global Warming, No Matter What Breitbart Says …. Things went totally off the […]

Warmists Freak Over Removal Of “Change” From Government Websites

It’s literally the worst thing Evah! (Daily Caller)  Activists characterized a federal agency’s decision to scrape the term climate “change” from its website as a type of “cleansing,” even though the agency contends the alteration is minor. The National Institute of Environmental Health Science changed a headline on its website from “Climate Change and Human […]

Study: Sea Rise In Miami Area Has Nothing To Do With ‘Climate Change’

Let’s look at this in two parts. First, the Spectator’s Ross Clark learned a valuable lesson, namely, you dare not ask Al Gore to offer proof. In regards to the claims of AGW causing flooding in the Miami area in Gore’s movies, Clark reached out to Shimon Wdowinski, associate professor of marine geology and geophysics […]

Tropical Storm Emily Brings Out The Typical Climate Nutters

First, we get this (USA Today) Tropical Storm Emily formed Monday morning just west of Tampa, and is expected to move inland across the state, the National Hurricane Center said. As of 11 a.m. ET, the storm was approaching the mouth of Tampa Bay, the hurricane center said. Emily’s maximum sustained winds were near 45 mph. Little […]

Attacking Climate Science Means Attacking The Declaration Of Independence Or Something

Uber-Warmist Joe Romm crawls out from under his rock to, shocker, link ‘climate change’ with the Declaration When Trump attacks science, he attacks the heart of the Declaration of Independence The Declaration of Independence is a “scientific paper,” but our President purges the government of science and scientists “Science is my passion, politics is my […]

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