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Good, Thick, Strong Arctic Ice Is Totally In-line With ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

This sounds like a bit of excuse-making, much like we’ve seen with the Great Pause, the lack of landfalling hurricanes, lack of strong hurricanes, winter weather, and so on. Set the BS Meter to stun How Sea Ice Can Still Be Thick in Places in a Warming Arctic It might seem to you that unusually […]

Science: Teacher Burns Skeptical Climate Change Book

This is what Progressive “science” looks like: an inability to look at the material and make an informed decision regarding things that challenge one’s beliefs. Instead, free thought is not allowed (Missourian) Columbia Public Schools science teachers are among hundreds of thousands across the country who have received a book from the Heartland Institute that […]

The Hiatus Was A Myth, Except For The “hiatus in global air temperatures”

It’s amusing when members of the Cult of Climastrology confuse themselves Spectator headline calls the hiatus a "myth"; UEA warmist admits there was a "hiatus in global air temperatures" — Tom Nelson (@tan123) June 15, 2017 From the article Readers of The Spectator will be familiar with the argument that climate change, like Britpop, […]

Pulling Out Of Non-Binding Agreement With Voluntary Targets Means Sea Rise Doom Or Something

The amount of hyperventimoonbating emanating from Warmists, most of whom do not seem to realize that all the rules, regs, taxes, fees, etc will harm themselves (unless they’re in the Rich class), has been amusing all day long, and will continue to be amusing for days, if not weeks. I recommend that Mr. Trump make […]

Michael “Robust Debate” Mann: Predictions Can Never Be Falseifiable

Why? Because this is what passes for science these days, at least when it comes to the Warmist version of climatology. Which might be why we get something like this Climate change predictions can be scary for kids. What can you say? Predictions for a planet affected by climate change can sound like they’re ripped […]

Surprise: Warmists Want More Redistributed Money For Their Climate Scam

Who’s surprised? Anyone? There’s virtually nothing involved having to do with the climate nor the environment. This whole thing boils down to Control, Bigger Government, and money, and the money almost always involves Other People’s money, rarely money from the people who push this, sign agreements and bills and such U.N.’s Global Warming Fraudsters Are […]

LA Times: The Pause Was Real, And Totally Confirms Human Caused Hotcoldwetdry

We know that there are well over 70 excuses for the Pause, a period where the warming was, depending on the source used, either net zero during that time or statistically insignificant. It really got to the point where no one was bothering to keep track, especially when so many were just the same excuses […]

New Meme: ‘Climate Change’ Wrongthink Is A Clear And Present Danger Or Something

Recently, the Cult of Climastrology has been trotting out a new meme, namely, that failing to toe the line on anthropogenic climate change is big, big, big danger to everything. Previously, Warmists complained that failure to Do Something, which revolved around taxes, fees, and restrictions on citizens and private entities, was the danger. Now? EDITORIAL: […]

Say, Are We Raising A New Generation That’s Tolerant Of Evaluating Contrasting Scientific Data?

Oh, wait, sorry, sorry, this is about the utter intolerance of the people who say they are pro science, in the same way Stalin was pro-freedom Imagine America’s next generation are climate deniers A fight is being waged to ensure the science behind global warming is taught in US schools as some states move to […]

Bummer: In The Dumps EPA Staff Turning To Alcohol ‘Cause Trump

Another day, another report of EPA employees having meltdowns (Heartland) EPA lifers are “in the dumps” about life at the agency under President Trump. The level of anxiety is so high that alcoholism may be on the rise among climate-alarmist lifers, according to one staffer quoted in The Washington Post. If that is true, that’s very […]

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