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Chelsea Clinton: ‘Climate Change’ And Child Marriage Linked Or Something

There are several reasons I call it the Cult of Climastrology. One of the main ones is that, no matter the subject, the Believers will somehow drag ‘climate change’ into the conversation. Such is with dilettante’ Chelsea Clinton Chelsea Clinton: ‘Climate Change’ Connects To ‘Child Marriage’ Climate change” and “child marriage” are “interconnected” issues, said […]

Snowflake Has Utter Meltdown Over Trump Sign

This is the kind of thing that should be played in commercials to highlight the kind of people who support the Democratic Party (Campus Reform)  A shocking new video shows a Western Washington University student screaming for at least two-minutes straight after seeing a Donald Trump sign on campus. According to a video of the […]

Michelle Obama Has Snit Fit Over Changes To School Lunch Program

Michelle apparently forgot this This is my lunch. I'm in high school. #ThanksMichelleObama — Maya Wuertz (@mayawuertz) November 17, 2014 You can find tons of tweets with the hashtage #thanksMichelleObama in regards to the changes she required for school lunches. Literally no one liked these lunches at public schools, and the kids were throwing […]

Baseball Player States That Wrongthink Should Carry Heavy Fines

The uber-Liberal and Democratically controlled city of Boston has often been called the most racist city in the U.S. How can that be? It’s run by Progressive Democrats! Nearly 82% of Bostonians voted for Hillary Clinton! Yet (USA Today) Baltimore Orioles All-Star center fielder Adam Jones was berated by racist taunts at Fenway Park while […]

Thousands Of Little Socialists To Hit The Streets To Protest Trump Or Something

Happy May 1st! Today is the traditional celebration of May Day, an ancient day of celebration that goes back to Roman times. Things changed up a bit over time in what was being celebrated, and you can bet all the Special Snowflakes won’t be dancing around a Maypole nor holding devotions to the Virgin Mary. […]

Good News: There’s A Coloring Book To Stress Yourself Out Over ‘Climate Change’

Special Climate Snowflake Syndrome in action, though, really, let’s face it, most Warmists create massive amounts of stress in their lives with their anti-science beliefs that tiny increases in CO2 will destroy the earth. If only they were as stressed about their own climahypocrisy Stress yourself out with this coloring book about climate change Coloring […]

Good Grief: U of Wisconsin-Madison To Have Free Tampons In Men’s Bathrooms

Social Justice Warrioring on steroids (or, should that be estrogen?) (College Fix) The University of Wisconsin-Madison is rolling out a new pilot program to provide free menstrual products in several of its campus bathrooms — including some men’s restrooms. The public university will offer the women’s hygiene products in three campus buildings. In two of […]

China’s Leading On Climate While America Launches Cruise Missiles Or Something

I’m choosing to ignore the Internet Rules, I believe it is Rule 1004.6, that states “Or Something may only be used once per calendar day” or something for this one While America Launches Missiles, China Quietly Leads On Climate Change Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived at Mar-a-Lago on Thursday for his first face-to-face meeting with […]

First World Problems: United Airlines Catches Flack For Enforcing Rules On Dress Code

Interestingly, the same people who are having hissy fits typically not only refuse to slam fundamentalist Islam it’s requirements on the way women dress, they usually defend it (Fox News) United Airlines came under fire Sunday after two teenage girls were barred by a gate attendant from boarding a flight from Denver to Minneapolis because […]

Get This: Women Dare To Be Upset That A Man Pretending To Be A Woman Won A Women’s Weightlifting Competition

As Ace notes, this type of thing is going to become more and more common. I’m waiting for the 3rd Wave Feminists to suddenly realize that people with dangley bits are suddenly beating biological women in sports competitions and that This Is Not Fair Transgender Weightlifter Wins Women’s Competition A transgender weightlifter who transitioned from […]

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