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Suddenly, Nature Creating A New Barrier Island Is “Magic”

These are the same types of people who think that everything that happens is caused by/linked to anthropogenic climate change New island magically appears off the coast of North Carolina almost overnight — CNN International (@cnni) June 27, 2017 “Magically”. From the article, which wisely doesn’t mention magic North Carolina’s Cape Hatteras National […]

Good Grief: Woman Will Drive To Mexico To Get Birth Control If GOP Health Bill Passes

  Possibly the dumbest, and most partisan (other than the normal wackadoodle Russia garbage), thing you’ll read all day, but, then, it’s still early, and CNN has plenty of time (via Twitchy) ‘Trumpcare’ would send her to Mexico for birth control All Ariana and Kevin Gonzalez want is birth control. As far as health care […]

Tennessee Trolls California Over Travel Ban

Several days ago, California did this (CNN) California has issued a ban on state-funded and state-sponsored travel to four more states that it says have laws discriminating against LGBTQ people. The travel ban was first put into effect January 1 when state measure AB 1887 became law. The law says California is “a leader in […]

TDS: NY Times Decides To Take Iran’s Side Against Trump

It really is a sign of the time that that, despite laying out a position that Iran is a pretty bad nation, the NY Times Editorial Board has quietly, softly, come to the conclusion that Trump is the problem. It’s even right there in the subhead The Iran Puzzle President Trump insists turning a complicated […]

Are Democrats Finally Realizing That Their Non-stop Russia Bleat Is Failing?

If you turn on certain channels or head to their websites, there has been a constant plethora of stories about Russia and Trump. Literally, there could be big breaking news, such as the big terrorist attack in London, and those stations would mention it briefly then go back to Russia, Trump, collusion, stolen election, etc. […]

We Have A Winner In The “Tropical Storm Cindy Is Climate Change” Sweepstakes

Remember when members of the Cult of Climastrology would tell us that weather was not climate? Of course, that was before the CoC manufactured a talking point that allowed them to blame all winter weather on warming and CO2, which allows them to now screech “this is what climate change looks like! Yeaaaaaaargh!” Hence, we […]

Excitable Adam Schiff (D-Ca) Admits There’s No Proof Of Collusion

Another day, another Democrat admitting that they’ve spent over a year making complaints about collusion between Trump and Russia and have absolutely nothing to show for it (Daily Caller) The 11-month-old investigation into whether President Trump or members of his campaign colluded with Russians has still not turned up any evidence that’s strong enough to […]

St. Louis Cardinals Stand By Decision To Have “Christian Day” With Lance Berkman

If the Cardinals, or, say, my LA Dodgers, decided they wanted to do an LGBT day, I wouldn’t approve, but, I, like most conservatives, would simply ignore the issue. We could just skip the game, which would probably be a faaaabulous game, and go a different day. Tolerance. But, the tolerance that Leftists practice never […]

Having Solved All The World’s Problems, United Nations Takes On Cultural Appropriation

On one hand, Leftists yammer on about diversity and multiculturalism and coming together and stuff. On the other hand, they have meltdowns over “cultural appropriation.” We get freakouts over certain women wearing braids in their hair, big hoop earings, twerk (really, no woman should twerk. Seems rather degrading in my mind, but, I’m probably a […]

Silly Democrat Introduces COVFEFE Act, Because Why Not

Suddenly, Democrats are Very Concerned with the retention of government communications (someone should ask Hillary about her 30,000 deleted emails) (Mediaite) It seems like every single day there is at least one Democratic legislator looking to troll President Trump. Today, Illinois Congressman Mike Quigley joined the fray by introducing the COVFEFE Act. Yes, just when […]

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