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How Cute: Cards Against Humanity Purchases Border Property To Stop Wall

Once again, I’ll reiterate that I’m not a big fan of a border length wall. We can have a wall in certain areas, with human patrols in the rest, and do many other things that dissincentivize illegals from coming and staying. This, though, is just virtue signaling (Business Insider) The company behind the popular card […]

In Wake Of Texas Massacre, Of Course Democrats Are Calling For Gun Control

  It’s kinda in their blood. Because we know that draconian gun laws have worked very well in places like California, New Jersey, and Chicago, right? (Daily Caller) Many Democratic U.S. senators called for stronger gun control hours after a shooter opened fire during a Sunday service at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, […]

Who’s Up For An Election Anniversary Scream-a-thon From Sore Losers?

This should be fun Latest reason why Trump won — William Teach (@WilliamTeach) October 24, 2017 Still Mad About Trump as President? Scream-In Planned for Election Anniversary — TheWrap (@TheWrap) October 23, 2017 From the link Liberals still suffering rage over the election of Donald Trump as president will have another opportunity to […]

Even On Fighting Opioids, Media Goes TDS

America apparently has an opioid problem. We’ve heard about this for several years, with each pronouncement more dire. One would think that the President of the United States taking an interest would be a good thing, but, this is the leftist media, so Politico writers Brianna Ehley, Josh Dawsey, and Sarah Karlin-Smith give it the […]

Who’s Up For A Roswell Reboot That Goes SJW On Illegal Immigration?

The networks are already developing several shows regarding illegal aliens, obviously in a manner that supports and defends them. The CW is now jumping into the mix with a possible reboot to the short lived show Roswell, which was about some kids in Roswell, NM having romance with space aliens as stuff (Bleeding Cool) As […]

Raw Story: You Can Own More Guns Than Sex Toys In Texas Or Something

Writing for Raw Story, Elizabeth Preza thinks she has found a Big Story on gun control. How she actually found this information is something I do not really want to know. And, being a Big Government type, she’s missing the obvious solution In Texas you can legally own more guns than sex toys Texas has […]

Good News: We Can Now Produce Electricity From Liberal Tears

And there are tons of liberal tears over everything. Someone says something mean? Tears. Writes something that is Wrongthink? Tears. Has an American flag? Massive abortion of Black babies? Well, more cheers from Liberals. But, now we can make energy with them. In theory (vie Watts Up With That?) Irish scientists can now produce electricity […]

In Wake Of Las Vegas, Gun Grabbers Are Back To Pushing The Australia Solution

What is the Australia solution? A simple explanation is offered at the UK Guardian, which is brought up in the wake of Las Vegas to say that the gun grabbyness is being eroded in Australia In 1996 politicians managed to come to a bipartisan agreement to change our gun laws. The main changes included: a […]

Green Bay Packers’ Fans Let The Team Know What They Thought Of The Protest

The Green Bay Packers had a little plan to get all the fans to link arms during the national anthem, in an attempt to push social justice warrioring. And it was about SJW stuff The Green Bay Packers players are asking fans tonight to join them in a “display of unity” by linking arms during […]

Suddenly, Democrats Are Very Into Expressing Love For Country

The always Excitable Don Lemon encapsulates the (fake) feelings of leftists (Mediaite) Don Lemon led CNN Tonight with a monologue about how President Trump can’t force Americans to embrace a homogenous view of patriotism and First Amendment rights. As Trump continues to spar with athletes who kneel during the National Anthem, Lemon noted that the […]

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