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ICE Director Knocks Down Idiot Democrats Talking Points About Being “Anti-Immigrant”

Democrats love to cast accusations again people who are doing one thing (Daily Wire) During a House Homeland Security subcommittee hearing on Central American migration and border security, Rep. Nanette Barragan (D-Ca) went on a rant accusing ICE of having an “anti-immigrant” agenda. “Now we love to talk about this issue about the MS-13 gangs, […]

“No One Is Saying Get Rid Of Guns, Just Make It Too Hard For People To Get Them”

Pro-2nd Amendment advocates keep saying that what the anti-2nd Amendment folks want to do is essentially disarm law abiding citizens. The Anti’s say “no, no, what we want to do is make it harder for Bad People to get and use firearms. We don’t want to take away the rights from law abiding citizens.” Then […]

TDS Hot Take: Trump’s Iran Move Is Totally Like The Lead Up To Iraq War

Remember how the media said the same thing about Obama while he slapped sanctions on Syria and made all sorts of threats himself and had his people do the same at the U.M.? Oh, wait. Here’s NY Times editorial cartoonist with his hot take President Trump’s decision to abandon the Iran nuclear deal and his […]

Newest Insanity: Gender Neutral “Theybies”

I’m more than willing to set aside my limited government beliefs in this case to implement controls to keep these types of people from breeding. Ever Don’t call me baby: the birth of the gender-neutral ‘theyby’ Theybe is the hip new thing for parents who want to bring up their offspring in gender-neutral fashion. Bring […]

NY Gov Andrew Cuomo Threatens To Sue ICE For Doing Their Jobs Or Something

It doesn’t get much more virtue signally than this, but, virtue signalers will always find a way (NY Post) Gov. Cuomo on Wednesday threatened to sue US Immigration and Customs Enforcement for what he called relentless “unconstitutional” round-ups of undocumented immigrants in the state. Joined by immigrant-rights advocates at his Manhattan office, Cuomo also said […]

The Hill: We Need Gun Grabbing Policies Because Of Raaaaacism

Over at The Hill, Frederick Staidum Jr., Ph.D has been given a platform to complain about gun ownership, and he sees everything in terms of raaaaacism and sex, because he’s a scholar of race and sexuality in 19th-century American culture and literature at Loyola University Chicago Gun control is all about gun violence — we […]

Sore Losers: DNC Files Lawsuit Against Russia, Wikileaks, Trump For 2016 Election Loss

This is the Sore Loser Party being the embodiment of sore losers. They should just stand up and accept that they ran a bad candidate who wasn’t capable of running a campaign to beat Donald Trump, a guy who had never actually run a successful political campaign Democratic Party files lawsuit alleging Russia, the Trump […]

Can You Guess Why Congress Won’t Pass Universal Background Checks?

This one is a doozy, which is more in the category of “Unhinged Tools”, or at least “Barking Moonbats”, rather than under the “Constitution” and “2nd Amendment” categories. Here’s Rep. John Delaney, Democrat of Maryland’s 6th district Congressman: 97% of Americans Want One Kind of Gun Control. Here’s Why Congress Hasn’t Acted As the nation […]

Search Engines Are Making Us More Raaaaacist Or Something

These people. Sigh How search engines are making us more racist Are search engines making us more racist? According to Safiya Umoja Noble, a professor of communication at the University of Southern California, the answer is almost certainly yes. Noble’s new book, Algorithms of Oppression: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism, challenges the idea that search […]

Bake That Cake: Sacramento Homeowner Refuses To Sell To Trump Supporters

See, if a baker refuses to bake a cake or a florist refuses to do flowers for a gay wedding because of their deeply held beliefs, well, they must be fined by the State and have their businesses and lives ruined. But, when a liberal does something similar… Sacramento Home For Sale But Not To […]

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