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NY Times Spins Wheel, Finds Something New To Be Outraged At Trump: Guantanamo Bay

Perhaps the NY Times Editorial Board has become bored with all their other Outrage material. So, they sat around and brainstormed with some martinis and came up with this and a cute graphic It's like they spun a Wheel Of Outrage or something — William Teach (@WilliamTeach) January 17, 2018 From the link Even […]

Bummer: Pink Pussy Hats Now Considered Offensive To Gender Confused

It’s always something with these people (Detroit Free Press) A year ago, they stormed the streets of big cities and small towns to make their views known: Women’s rights are human rights. Many wore on their heads what became the de-facto symbol of feminism in 2017, the pink pussyhat. The Women’s March is back in 2018 with […]

Good News: Trump To Finally Visit California

Lots of Democrats have had a sad that Trump hasn’t visited their People’s Republik since he took office, because that would make the crazy #resist nutter moonbats go apeshit with his visit, and we know how they like to be Outraged. Trump’s War on California must be stopped, and the best way is to reject […]

Washington Post Is Rather Upset That Trump’s Using Illegal Aliens As Bargaining Chip

Of course, in the world of folks like the Washington Post Editorial Board, pretty much everything makes them upset when it comes to Trump Trump’s disgraceful use of ‘dreamers’ as a bargaining chip AFTER ALL of President Trump’s bluster about his “great love” for “dreamers,” brought to this country as children through no fault of […]

Crazy Person Yells At Disney’s Robot Trump

Remember the one where Democrat sore losers screamed at the sky on the anniversary of Trump defeating Hillary fair and square? Then there’s this (Daily Caller) Meet the saddest person in America – Jay Malsky. Malsky is a New York-based actor who has played “drag comedy characters,” including Hillary Clinton. Malsky does not like Donald Trump and made […]

Comrade De Blasio Not Happy With Peasants Riding E-Bikes

New York City mayor Bill De Blasio previously had a big problem with horse drawn carriages, which allowed the proletariat to make money to eat and shelter. Now he sets his sights on something else (UK Guardian) Cheap, electric bicycles have made life a lot easier for New York City’s legions of restaurant delivery workers, […]

TDS: How Trump Totally Stole Christmas (Or Something)

The Trump Derangement Syndrome is strong in this one, young Padawan (Dallas News)  A home in central Austin makes no apologies for its politically themed Christmas display that equates President Donald Trump’s handling of hot-button issues with a certain green-furred holiday icon. “‘Twas a few days before Christmas, decorations on display; and some are custom-made, […]

The GOP Tax Bill Shows Contempt For Democracy Or Something

Is there a Prozac shortage or something? The Tax Bill Shows the G.O.P.’s Contempt for Democracy The Republican Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is notably generous to corporations, high earners, inheritors of large estates and the owners of private jets. Taken as a whole, the bill will add about $1.4 trillion to the deficit in the next decade and […]

Whiny People Plan To Sue To Keep Government In Charge Of Internet

Hey, sure, we want the same people Glenn Greenwald exposed years ago in terms of spying on everything that happens on the ‘net to be in charge of the Internet Several states have already announced lawsuits against the FCC to preserve #NetNeutrality regulations — WIRED (@WIRED) December 16, 2017 THE FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS Commission will […]

Say, Sugar Is Taxed, Should Meat Be Next To Stop The Climate (scam) Apocalypse?

They can’t help themselves. They always want Other People to pay the price for their beliefs Sugar Gets Taxed in Some Countries. Could Meat Be Next? If Americans and people in most other developed countries ate according to their nationally recommended dietary guidelines, they would consume less red meat and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that […]

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