Why Obama’s Picking A Fight With Congress

My guess would be it’s because he’s an asshole. An intolerant, hyper-partisan, delusions of king-hood asshole. Also, because that’s who he is, a person who has never looked to work together, to bring people together. And, basically an asshole

(Politico) Barack Obama is looking for a few good fights.

Obama, the same president who campaigned twice on breaking the cycle of conflict in Washington, sees the utility — even the necessity — of rattling Republican cages as he plunges into a succession of upcoming battles over the nomination of Chuck Hagel as secretary of defense, the debt ceiling, $1 trillion in automatic budget cuts, immigration reform and gun control.

We’ve all known that what Obama says and what Obama does are two different things, at least in terms of governing and working together with people who disagree with him. And, because he’s an asshole. With delusions of king-hood

(CNN) President Barack Obama is exploring executive orders to help prevent mass shootings in America, Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday.

“The president is going to act. Executive orders, executive action, can be taken,” Biden told reporters before meetings with groups representing survivors of mass shootings. “We haven’t decided what this is yet, but we’re compiling it all with the help of the attorney general and all the rest of the Cabinet members.”

Granted, this is Joe Biden saying it, and he could be going off the reservation (again). Yet, does anyone think that Obama isn’t thinking about bypassing the duly elected legislative branch?

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Comment by john
2013-01-09 17:28:46

maybe he got tired of being called a muslim. or being told he wasn’t really an American, or that he was a socialist or maybe Cheney wrote him a note about the unitary power of the POTUS in time of war maybe he got tired of being used as a punching bag or tired of having the Senate Minority leader focus on making him a one term POTUS maybe he looked at his overwhelming electoral win and thought that was a mandate for him to do what people elected him to do. Remember under Bush we learned while we are at war the POTUS has near unlimited powers. One of the duties of the POTUS is to pay the bills, on the Bills that Congress passes. Maybe he looked at his poll approval numbers being twice as high as the clown he replaced and said “damn I’m good” What I am waiting for and hoping for is a State of the Union speech where he torches Congress. Their approval rating is about 1/3 of what his is.

Comment by William Teach
2013-01-09 17:53:56

Maybe he’s just a fascist in waiting asshole.

Comment by Anne
2013-01-09 18:22:22

Don’t mind John. All of his opinions are always based entirely on his wishful thinking, on contrived, bogus bullshit (aka, lies), on exaggerations, on distortions, and on screwy raionales which reinforce his screwy delusions, No facts. (sigh) No substance. Just bullshit.

Comment by Anne
2013-01-09 18:27:47

* rationales * argh!!!

Comment by USMC8511
2013-01-09 18:30:29

Maybe John is an asshole too.

Comment by Gumball_Brains
2013-01-09 19:51:09

does anyone think that Obama isn’t thinking about bypassing the duly elected legislative branch?

Not like he hasn’t done it several times already.

Comment by Gumball_Brains
2013-01-09 19:52:08

But hey, if former Pres CLinton can win FATHER OF THE YEAR for his social work, then anything is possible.

Comment by Anne
2013-01-10 04:46:04

“One of the duties of the POTUS is to pay the bills, on the Bills that Congress passes.” – John

LOL – Really???

Congress appropriates, spends and wastes our money, not the POTUS, nor, FYI, the SCOTUS either. That’s Civics 101.

Comment by Anne
2013-01-10 05:39:02

“Maybe he looked at his poll approval numbers being twice as high as the clown he replaced and said “damn I’m good”.” – John

Your assinine comment says more about your stupidity and the stupidity of most of the people in this country than it says about President George Bush.

Stick to the facts, fool, just the facts:

Fact #1: On Election Day, 2008, unemployment was at 4.7%, and, in fact, it didn’t even begin to skyrocket up to 9.8% (16% realistically) until, until after, as a vote of no confidence in that “clown”, Obama won the election.

Fact #2: The economy didn’t tank until 18 months after the Democrats took control of both houses of Congress in January, 2007, thereafter making GW a lame duck president, not responsible for the smarmy and extremely irresponsible behavior of the Democrats, over whom he had no control …, and, oh yeah, fool, if you want to blame somebody for the tanked economy, put that blame where it belongs, on idiotic legislation by Democrats, such as Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank, idiotic legislation and the predictable consequences of which you should read up on and comprehend before you ridicule GW.

Fact #3: Inflation didn’t even begin to skyrockeet upwards to where it is now until, until 18 nonths after Obama was inaugurated and 6 months before Republicans regained control of the House.

Fact #4: Our debt under Obama and 4 recent years control of the Congress by Democrats is higher now than it was under all previus presidents combined, the ramifications of which you are clearly too ignorant to comprehend,

Fact #5: When the Bush Administration left office, the Middle East was stabilized. With their laziness, carelessness, sloppiness and incompetence, the chronic screw-ups in the Obama Administration have completely destabilized the entire Middle East.

Fact #6: You don’t know squat about politics or world events. You get all of your misinformation and disinformation from the creepy liars at MSNBC, or you make it up as you go along

What did I say there that isn’t true, fool?

* crickets *

Comment by Anne
2013-01-10 05:57:45

Fact #7: The policies of the Bush Administration kept your sorry ass safe for 7 years, and those policies have continued to keep your sorry ass safe for the past 4 years that the Obama Administration has continued to implement them.

(Never mind that, if it wasn’t for the shoddiness, stupidity and incompetence of Bill Clinton and his own administration of chronic screw-ups, the events of 9/11 probably wouldn’t have occurred.)

History shows us that Democrats can not be trusted to keep America safe – too often because they are more closely alined with our countries other enemies than with this country’s best interests. Take yourself, for example.)

Comment by Anne
2013-01-10 06:01:45

* aligned *

* country’s *


Comment by Anne
2013-01-10 08:43:09

If I had to write a thesis on why I like John, I would say simply that I like John, because I’m not very bright, and he makes me feel very intelligent.

2013-01-10 13:43:05

And asshole, and a PUNK

Wish our side had more people that know how to handle a punk and enjoyed it

Comment by Gumball_Brains
2013-01-10 14:42:14

You mean people like Trump or Cain or Gingrich?
I don’t mean to support those people to be leaders of the R party, but their attitudes are what I like.

Comment by Anne
2013-01-12 04:54:08

Now, that’s interesting, Gumball, considering the differences in their styles.

Unlike the lazy empty suit, slick street hustler and pretentious, decadent dilletante, who now resides in our White House, umagining that he is royalty, though, all three of them have proven that they have executive, managerial and leadership skills, and a work ethic, too.

If I may ask, what three traits do you like the most in each one of them? Just curious. We’ew informal here. There’s no wrong answer.

Comment by Anne
2013-01-12 04:57:08

* Oops, sorry. Should be We’re, not We’ew *

Comment by Anne
2013-01-12 05:00:47

* imagining, not umagining * argh!!!

Comment by Gumball_Brains
2013-01-12 15:38:22

Anne, don’t worry about occasional misspellings. We’re informal here, right? LOLOLOL. jk.

I like the “I’m here to kick ass, I have a list, and you just got on my list” attitude by the 3 I listed. They know who they are and don’t care if someone else thinks they are too conservative in their thinking.

For Trump, maybe not true conservative, but he is STRONLY PRO-Capitalism. Gingrish knows history and the workings of Congress. DOn’t try and paint over what “might” have happened in our founding. He knows it. Cain is a business man and a verbal assaulter.

We need leaders who are willing to call these anti-American Socialist Commies what they are and what their true intentions are.

We need leaders who understand that these Socialists have no intention of coming to a beneficial agreement for the long term growth of America and its workers. They hate America and us.


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