Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day 2011

Aaaarrrr, mateys, that’s right, today is that day! Will ye be engaging in plenty of grog while some sea rats play sea shanties? If not, ye be walkin’ the plank, left with one pistol as ye starve to death. Instead, grog! Do we have an accord?

You can see the full size (it’s huge) by Weirdesigner here. More pirate fun below the fold

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Comment by proof
2011-09-19 11:51:40

Congratulations on a vast undertaking!

Comment by jj
2011-09-19 15:20:16

My parrot died so I duct-taped a Cornish Game Hen to my shoulder…

Comment by captainfish
2011-09-19 19:05:35


now that would have been a great IAYS.

Unfortunately, my kid who was born on this day, will never know the goodness and awesomnestess of this day. He just can’t comprehend.

Comment by William Teach
2011-09-19 20:01:38

Give him time, eventually he’ll understand the need for grog and wenches.


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