Chinese Coronavirus Cases Rising Again

This was predicted when the cases in Europe were rising, with the actual experts expecting a spike in North America soon after. This makes COVID cultists and the power hungry politicians happy, because it gives them an opportunity to implement citizen controls, even though those controls made almost no difference

It’s not over: COVID-19 cases are on the rise again in US

Yet again, the U.S. is trudging into what could be another COVID-19 surge, with cases rising nationally and in most states after a two-month decline.

One big unknown? “We don’t know how high that mountain’s gonna grow,” said Dr. Stuart Campbell Ray, an infectious disease expert at Johns Hopkins University.

No one expects a peak nearly as high as the last one, when the contagious omicron version of the coronavirus ripped through the population.

But experts warn that the coming wave – caused by a mutant called BA.2 that’s thought to be about 30% more contagious – will wash across the nation. They worry that hospitalizations, which are already ticking up in some parts of the Northeast, will rise in a growing number of states in the coming weeks. And the case wave will be bigger than it looks, they say, because reported numbers are vast undercounts as more people test at home without reporting their infections or skip testing altogether.

Strange that the surges start in the liberal areas which say they’re totally for all the restrictions, right? The question now is, does it look like Israel, with just a bump, or Europe, which had a pretty big surge.

Ray said government leaders must be careful to strike the right tone when talking to people about protecting themselves and others after COVID restrictions have largely been lifted. Philadelphia recently became the first major U.S. city to reinstate its indoor mask mandate after a sharp increase in infections. But Vermont’s Levine said there are no plans to bring back any of the restrictions that were imposed earlier during the pandemic.

“It’s going to be hard to institute restrictive, draconian measures,” Ray said. “Fortunately, we have some tools that we can use to mitigate risk. And so I hope that leaders will emphasize the importance for people to watch the numbers,” be aware of risks and consider taking precautions such as wearing masks and getting vaccinated and boosted if they’re not already.

And there’s the other question, what do the COVID authoritarians try and do?

If masking is so important, if the citizens are in such danger that a mandate must be reinstated, why is Philly waiting till Monday?

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9 Responses to “Chinese Coronavirus Cases Rising Again”

  1. Facts Matter says:

    This is highly predictable.

    China locked down prior to the 2020 elections. At the time it was not because they hated Trump, which they did, in private, but because they genuinely thought their way of life was in danger with the impending pandemic.

    Now fast forward to a world opening up and getting its feet and easing out of an insane power grab by politicians the world over and what do we see happening in China.

    LOCKDOWNS…just as in 2020. However, in 2020 China was out of lockdowns and opening back up by the time the 2020 elections happened and they saw the dynamic effect it had on voters in America.

    The USA elected the LEFT which is highly in bed with China.

    Ergo China is locking down again leading up to the midterms because China understands that the GOP are nationalists and warmongers and it is the democrats who are their friends and not the Republicans. So they are locking down which they hope will eventually force the USA into lockdown mode about………OH LETS SAY 2 1/2 months prior to the elections.

    So the left can mail out another 20 million unsolicited ballots and fill them out in secret warehouses around the country.

    We will know one thing above all others if this happens. The Dems will win a seat or two in the senate and keep the house so that they can pass their radical agenda. Nothing strange here as their polling has been wrong for years now. ON PURPOSE.

    The second thing we will know is that the Democrats indeed have a way of stealing elections. It’s called COVID-19 and you can count on every 2 years having lock downs and mail in voting with the Dems in charge.

  2. The referenced article stated:

    But experts warn that the coming wave – caused by a mutant called BA.2 that’s thought to be about 30% more contagious – will wash across the nation.

    In January, acting Food and Drug Administration head Commissioner Janet Woodcock told the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee that she expected that, eventually, almost everyone would contract the virus. Celebrity doctor Anthony Fauci said that COVID-19 would infect “just about everybody.” That was before BA.2, and if BA.2 is 30% more contagious, does that mean that 30% of the public will get it twice?

    The City of Brotherly Love declared a renewed mask mandate, to begin on Monday, The Philadelphia Inquirer ran a story on it, and Howard Phillips, pictured above, supported it. The funny part is that while Mr Phillips supported the reinstated mask mandate, he went shopping without a mask himself.

    So, who enforces the renewed mask mandate? Cute coeds working as hostesses and waitresses in restaurants, and bodega owners more worried about armed robbery! Of course, Philly wants to rely on snitches, but once a few of them get their Karen asses kicked, as they should!, that’ll stop.

  3. xtron says:

    each new variant will be more contagious and less deadly…. a fact of life for all viruses.
    so if BA.2 is 30% more contagious, it will likely be at least that much less deadly.
    oh….and, between the vaccinations and aquired natural immunity, should we not have passed the moving goal post of heard immunity by now??

  4. Hairy says:

    There is about a 400%difference in the per capita death rates between the highest and lowest states.
    The states with the highest death rates are all red
    Tge ststes with theorist per capita death rates are blue.
    Teach denies any possibility that vaccinations or mask mandates or lockdowns had anything to do with this tremendous difference.
    Instead he blames Biden

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      Hairy, your stats and numbers are totally wrong. Where do you get this shit from so we know not to use the source as fact.

      The fact that unvaccinated people are not dying in droves as leftist Faucists predicted, and are instead healthy and thriving while the triple vaccinated continue to get Covid, get other sicknesses and often die from the shot is not being talked about enough. Quelle surprise!

      New York, New Jersey and California failed in their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic because of stringent lockdowns and policies, while Florida was among the best-performing states in the country, a new study has found.

      The study, published by the Committee To Unleash Prosperity, graded states by comparing COVID-19 outcomes based on the number of deaths, the economy and impact on education.

      By a remarkable coincidence, the best-performing states all had Republican governors.

      The study found that the states that locked down businesses, churches, schools and restaurants for lengthy periods did not have lower death rates than those that largely remained open. But they did manage to inflict more economic damage. In the Billions.

      Keeping schools closed had no impact on the number of deaths in children or adults, according to the study. That did not include “other” causes of death like suicide and drug overdoses due to depression nor deaths caused by the fake “vaccine” itself.

      Ultraliberal New York came in 49th out of 50; only New Jersey was worse. Yet the liberal establishment assured us that the lethally incompetent, tyrannical, but formerly beloved New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was doing a wonderful job:

      Since there is no “tremendous difference” we are then free to point out fake vaccinations that neither stop a person from getting Covid nor spreading it, stupid mask mandates which for any sane and intelligent person are obvious frauds, as are “social distancing” and lockdowns both of which do more harm than good to individuals, businesses and our failed economy under FJB.

      Your argument is specious, your stats are a fraud and your conclusion is erroneous. And then there is this:

      FJB and his murderous Governors, lying media and fake CDC “doctors”.

  5. Hairy says:

    Facts matter
    You do know that every mailed in ballot must have its signature verified?
    Should the deployed military also be excluded from voting. Older people in nursing homes?
    Do you really think thst thefe are secret warehouses all over the country where people are filling out ballots? Why do you think that? Really how are those stupid dems able to keep doing that in every election without getting caught? Are they being helped by Lucifer The Prince of Darkness?
    Great claims require great proof
    Got ANY?

    • Jl says:

      Geeez, John….”you know that every mailed in ballot must have its signature verified?”. Did you know that by no means proves that it was actually done?

  6. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    Hairy: “You do know that every mailed in ballot must have its signature verified?”

    You do know that hundreds of thousands weren’t and that’s part of the problem? And I’m not going back and repost all the evidence I’ve posted for a year for both you and dOwd which both of you dutifully ignored and now challenge again. The evidence is out there. The fact that a criminal conspiracy to protect the fake president and his democrat party keeps it from being published, vetted, investigated, and prosecuted does not infer it isn’t real. In fact, the lefts steadfast refusal to even investigate the accusations is prima face evidence of their guit in the fraud and their complicity in the cover up. Everybody knows this even the majority of democrats but their hate for one man causes them to destroy our republic rather than publicly admit the truth.

    “Should the deployed military also be excluded from voting. Older people in nursing homes?” When did any patriotic American Republican, conservative or even moderate suggest they shouldn’t vote? We’re talking about illegal voting so don’t act ignorant (unless this is not an act on your part).

    FJB, Hunter the pedo, and that Harris whore.

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