Large Majorities Support Climate (scam) Policies Or Something

Of course, most of the support are for policies that give them tax breaks and money

Gallup Poll: Big majorities back range of climate change policies

Americans decisively support a series of six policy proposals to fight climate change backed by the Biden administration, according to a Gallup Poll released Monday.

The poll results showed that by varying degrees, solid majorities of U.S. residents back such climate proposals as providing tax credits for installing home clean energy systems to spending federal money on constructing electric vehicle charging stations.

At the high end of the scale, 89% of respondents favored the clean energy tax credit idea, while the least favorable response was the 59% who backed federal spending on charging stations, Gallup reported.

In between, the pollsters found that 75% backed providing tax incentives to businesses to promote their use of wind, solar and nuclear power and 71% supported setting higher fuel efficiency standards for cars, trucks and buses.

Also, 62% favored establishing strict limits on the release of methane in the production of natural gas, while 61% backed providing tax credits to individuals who purchase electric vehicles.

I wonder how supportive they’ll be when the price of vehicles goes way up due to the increase in fuel efficiency standards? Same with natural gas. As for the rest, tax breaks are great, right? Right up until the government raises taxes elsewhere to make up for the “lost revenue.”

On a broader topic relating to climate change, the new Gallup Poll found that a smaller 53% majority said they are more concerned about the risk to the environment of not passing such proposals than they are about potential harm to the economy.

Some 43%, meanwhile. indicated they are more concerned about the potential harm to the economy and deficit if the such measures are passed.

Now ask them if they support a higher cost of living in general, higher cost of food, cost of electricity, cost of housing, and all sorts of restrictions in practice.

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4 Responses to “Large Majorities Support Climate (scam) Policies Or Something”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    Everyone supports “theoretical” climate policies. No one supports higher taxes to pay for it, higher energy taxes in the form of carbon trading, higher inflation, or going cold in the winter.

  2. coralstrawberrydiomedes8862 says:

    Aren’t taxes for most middle class Americans already scheduled to go up this year under the tax an passed by Trump and the GOP Congress ? That is the same tax plan that gave the most wealthy if Americans a 1 to 2 trillion dollar tax break and lowered taxes on businesses.

  3. coralstrawberrydiomedes8862 says:

    Teach will you be posting a personal account of your attendance at the yuge NC Trump rally?
    Drudge has reported it might have attracted thousands (2)

  4. Of course people like the idea of a tax credit for insulating their homes; that makes home improvement more affordable, at least if you can hang on until you actually get the credit. If you don’t have to borrow money to pay for the home improvement, it can be a real benefit.

    Of course, it’s a mostly unrealized benefit, as not that many people, especially the paycheck-to-paycheck working families, will be able to take advantage of it. I am reminded of the cash-for-clunkers deal, a benefit that only those people who had the money and security — remember: this was during the depths of the recession! — to buy a new vehicle! It sure sounded great, but with it limited to better off families, it meant that newer used cars were destroyed, taking them out of availability in the used car market.

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