J6 Inquisition Demands Phone Records Of Kelli Ward And Husband

At this point, the J6 investigation is expanding well beyond their initial point, which was about the mostly peaceful protest in D.C., which saw a bunch of people calmly walking around the Congressional building, some in very silly hats. The people running J6 still whine about “McCarthyism”, which really occurred when he was mostly out of power, and in the House, not the Senate, via the House Un-American Activities Committee. That committee was investigating private citizens for communist sympathies, so, yes, that was an abuse of power, even during the Cold War. McCarthy at least mostly investigated government employees for Soviet Union ties.

January 6 committee subpoenaed Arizona GOP chair Kelli Ward, who told election officials in the state ‘we need you to stop counting the votes’

The select House committee investigating the Capitol riot subpoenaed the phone records of Kelli Ward, the chair of the Republican party in Arizona, and her husband, Michael Ward, according to a lawsuit filed by the couple on Tuesday, Politico reported.

The Wards are suing the committee, Chairman Bennie Thompson, and T-Mobile to block the company from providing their phone records. The lawsuit said T-Mobile received the subpoena from the committee on January 24, and that they are seeking phone records from November 1, 2020, to January 31, 2021.

The lawsuit argues that providing the records would infringe upon their right to privacy and doctor-patient privilege, as the Wards are both doctors and use their phones to talk to patients, as well as violate their First and Fourth Amendment rights.

Both of the Wards were among those who signed documents that falsely claimed they were the presidential electors for their state in the 2020 election, declaring former President Donald Trump the winner of Arizona’s electoral votes, despite the state being won by President Joe Biden, Politico reported.

Now, if the document is true, then that’s one thing. Scrolling through someone’s private communications who wasn’t even present at the mostly peaceful protest is something different, and a pure fishing expedition against a political opponent, using the power of Government to harass citizens. Especially when the time frame isn’t even right around January 6, and extends to the end of January. The Democrats, and a few unhinged wackadoodle traitor Republicans, are using the Committee For Investigating People Walking Around the Congressional Building, Many Wearing Funny Hats, as a witch hunt, as a means to exact political revenge. Where, exactly, does it stop?

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19 Responses to “J6 Inquisition Demands Phone Records Of Kelli Ward And Husband”

  1. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    Teach: “Where, exactly, does it stop?”

    Inside the gates of Auschwitz. Where fascists always stop.

    Let’s go Brandon, time to build us some gulags.

  2. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    Dowd explains white supremacy for Black History Month.


    Let’s go Brandon, like there aren’t enough cocksuckers in you party yet.

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  4. JG says:

    It only ends with voting the House members out.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      Sorry JG, but we cannot vote our way out of the fascist pestilence as long as the corrupt left is “counting the votes” as Stalin said.

      We currently have political prisoners rotting in jails in DC and it seems either nobody cares or it’s now the norm. Republican lawmakers have been barred from visiting these prisoner. IOW, they are being held incommunicado from their elected representatives. Why?

      The J6 political prisoners have been chemically attacked by prison guards, stopped from shaving or cutting their hair unless they complied to getting a fake vax shot. They are currently being programmed to acquiesce to the charges against them and are being threatened with having their families harassed.

      We ask: Since when do we have political prisoners held without trial, in solitary confinement, under deplorable conditions in America. Answer: Since Brandon stole the seat of power, that’s since when.

      We have a corrupt system being run by partisans (like Dowd) who don’t give a rat’s ass about the law as long as they win and hold power. This is what the entire stolen election was about and they are not about to give it up regardless how we vote. They can always come up with enough votes to win. Period. And if we complain they will do like they’ve been doing and simply refuse to investigate.

      But they’ll stand there and tell us that a senile corrupt pervert who LOST the last three bids at the presidency got 81 million votes, more than ANY OTHER CANDIATE IN HISTORY while running with a washed out whore who was the least popular VP candidate in history while hiding in his basement afraid to come out because of Covid and when he did the best crowd he could muster were a few thousand clowns paid to be there and he beat a president so popular he got more votes than he did the first time around (very, very rare) and was FILLING STADIUMS with supporters during the Covid epidemic?????

      I call bull shit.

      We are no longer the US of A. Our government has been overthrown right before our eyes and the uniparty refuses to do anything about it.

      We cannot vote our way out of this fascist mess any more than Anne Frank could have voted herself out of what was going on in Germany.

      Think of a second way to end this cause voting won’t work. Watch the cheating this November.

      Let’s go Brandon, people to lock up, people to kill it ain’t gonna fascist itself.

      Read this from an outsider who sees what we don’t:

      • david7134 says:

        I have to agree. Been pushing a more aggressive approach to our government for 20 years. Many people in my area are for secession.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          david and I agree that America would be better with the secession of the old Confederacy.

  5. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Kelli Ward and her husband signed fraudulent election certifications while also falsely claiming to be electors was caught on video.

    The J6 Committee is interested not just in the storming of the US Capitol but also the events surrounding the failed attempt of the GOP to steal the 2020 election. This was an attempted coup directed by the then and now former president who lost the election by several million votes.

  6. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Our resident TG, Brenda, is not aware that most US states are controlled by Republicans, who count the votes. And what did they find? That BJ trump lost the election.

    The states in question, PA, GA, AZ, MI, WI are dominated by Republicans!! GOPhers realized they lost the election and then started the Big Lie.

    Our TG, Brenda, wants us to believe that the GOPs senile, corrupt, lying pervert won the election. Recall that the Rapist in Chief, Don Raper, couldn’t even garner more votes than Hillary Clinton, the least popular presidential candidate in history.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      Everything you stated in the above comment is a perverted lie. We do not want you to believe Trump won the election. What we want is for you to understand we (and you) have seen and been shown things about the election that were not kosher. We have presented you with them for a year now but instead of saying “”you may have a point that should be investigated” you’ve spent a year refusing to open your eyes to the corruption or at least admit you see it. We don’t know if Trump won but we sure would love to see the disputed shenanigans investigated to make sure the election was not fraudulent. Wouldn’t you?

      Your dedication to that slimy corrupt senile pervert will not allow you to even consider the problems of the election. That tells us that as long as your side wins you don’t care if the elections in the future are corrupt or not. It says you’re a immoral and corrupt person yourself and will not even try to understand the other position. You won, fuck us. Nazi.

      We really need to get rid of people like you “by any means necessary”. And you’re still the luckiest man in America cause I don’t know your name.

      Let’s go Brandon, Dowd wants to fascist more, steal more, corrupt more and lie, lie, lie.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Consistent with state laws, recounts were conducted where required. The losing candidate had the best, most aggressive lawyers in the land pushing his case through several dozen courts. Investigations by the losing candidate’s own DOJ and DHS could find nothing to overturn the election. The losing candidate was challenging the validity of the election BEFORE the election. The billionaire candidate has billions to spend on investigators, so investigate away.

        But no once cares what you suspect, what you think, what you claim… we care about what you can prove.

        Brenda: And you’re still the luckiest man in America cause I don’t know your name.

        And if you knew my name what would you do? What “necessary means” would you use to “get rid” of me?

        We understand your frustration of losing and being truthfully labeled a racist douchenozzle. Why don’t you tell us YOUR name and we’ll see what your employer thinks of your violent threats.

        • david7134 says:

          You are lying and using your obfuscation. As to losing, that concern is what children like you obsess over. We are concerned that our country lost, big time and that a demented corrupt old fool is leading us to war.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            Porter d,

            You’re such a liar. You’re obsessed with trump’s loss and can’t even admit it.

            People such as you hate democracy and prefer a white nation. We get it, but we’re not going back to the 19th Century. trump is as demented, old and foolish as President Biden. But trump is more corrupt and dangerous than President Biden could ever be. Just fukk off.

        • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

          Once again, not one word of what you commented is true. You just keep on proving what we’re saying: you don’t care about free and fair elections. You only care about winning. You’re an insurgent and a usurper. Your once great party is now a bunch of communist puppets and you can’t even open your eyes to the truth or keep the lie going.

          Dowd the Douche: “And if you knew my name what would you do? What “necessary means” would you use to “get rid” of me?”

          Give me your name and find out you coward. You won’t cause as a leftist you have zero balls.

          Dowd the Douche: “We understand your frustration of losing and being truthfully labeled a racist douchenozzle. Why don’t you tell us YOUR name and we’ll see what your employer thinks of your violent threats.”

          I’m not frustrated over losing asshole, I’m piss over being cheated and ignored and you’ll find out why you fucked up come November when your pissant party is thrown out on their asses. So you hate whites and Americans and Christians and Jews but I’m the racist? Boy how’s your mental illness doing?

          What violent threats? I thought you are self employed? You’re not?

          BTW, I’m a fire inspector now. I work for the government. Do you really think I’m putting my name out there for you? Your immediate response is to try and get my employer to do your dirty work cause you’re too much of a coward. I just want to meet you face to face. You can’t handle the truth.

          Let’s go Brandon, get ready for the excuses when you cost the dems Congress.

          What the Dowd’s stand for

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            And your immediate response was to use your government position to track me down and attack my family. And I’M the fascist, LOL.

            So what’s your name captain courageous?

            Yes, you’ve already told us you’re part of the government. Recall you told us you could use your government position to track me down.

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  8. david7134 says:

    It appears you have stepped over a line and people are tired of your stupidity and childish actions.

    Some people here know your identity. You are not worth my efforts in that regard, but others might not be as nice. Especially when commenters families are called names.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      david7134, Dowd is just jealous of everyone else. The guy is so full of hate it’s actually pathetic. Poor thing has no love in his life and he tried to replace it with politics. In the end he’s just an empty husk of a human and has nothing to look forward to. If he weren’t a dangerous psycho I’d feel sorry for him.

      Let’s go Branden, more lies to spread and there’s another election coming up for you to steal.

      Interesting. Sheds some light on the Dowds of America.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        We didn’t threaten to use our government position to track down another commenter and assault them. You did. And WE’RE a dangerous fascist psycho, LOL!

        david p uses our personal info to cyberstalk us. And WE’RE a dangerous psycho, LOL!

        another commenter used our personal info to track and post what he claimed to be a our work address!

        Do you believe Americans want this to be a function of the government – to track down internet commenters and attack their homes and families? Since you would do this yourself we’ll assume you support politicians who would sanction the same.

        And WE’RE a dangerous fascist psycho…

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