Who’s Up For A 130 Mile Trip In An Electric Car That Takes 9 Hours?

The climate cultists at the UK Guardian try to put a rosy face on this, but, ‘taint working

‘Why did it take nine hours to go 130 miles in our new electric Porsche?’

A couple from Kent have described how it took them more than nine hours to drive 130 miles home from Bournemouth as they struggled to find a working charger capable of producing enough power to their electric car.

Linda Barnes and her husband had to visit six charging stations as one after another they were either out of order, already had a queue or were the slow, older versions that would never be able to provide a fast enough charge in the time.

While the couple seem to have been “incredibly unlucky”, according to the president of the AA, Edmund King, their case highlights some of the problems that need ironing out before electric car owners can rely on the UK’s charging infrastructure.

The couple, who love their new fully electric Porsche Taycan 4S, which has a range of about 250 miles, contacted the Guardian to describe how difficult it is to recharge a car away from home. Their journey would have taken two and a half hours in a conventional car, they say.

Must be nice. That car starts at $185,000. See, these very rich people don’t worry about giving up fossil fuels like the peons

“Electric vehicle consumers want more interoperability, more chargers, greater reliability and a contactless experience. To really help the revolution get to full power before 2030 we need a concerted effort from local authorities to take up the charging point grants – only one in six do, according to AA research, and for those premises providing chargers to ensure they work. Driving an electric vehicle is great fun and can save you money and save emissions. Let’s make sure the future network can help save range anxiety,” he says.

See, we need Government to really build all these charging stations and stuff, so the rich folks aren’t inconvenienced with their expensive toys

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7 Responses to “Who’s Up For A 130 Mile Trip In An Electric Car That Takes 9 Hours?”

  1. CC says:

    Funny how few I’ve seen at gas stations.
    Could be the ROI isn’t anything to write home about.

  2. […] Who’s Up For A 130 Mile Trip In An Electric Car That Takes 9 Hours? […]

  3. Est1950 says:

    The one that tickles me is Tesla’s new Semi that will run 631 miles on a battery charge fully loaded. While that is great and such, it is impractical until truck stops all across America start spending billions to install charging stations, so the truck driver can pull over and go to sleep while the truck is charging.

    Can you imagine the amount of grief inflicted on Truck drivers by other drivers simply unplugging another guys charger in the night as he walks by. Forcing more expensive technology to put locking mechanisms on the charger stations.

    While I am an advocate for Electric vehicles. More competition is always better for the consumer, IMO. I have no problem with electric cars but they are not going to rid the country of much CO2 since it takes fossil fuels to charge them and it takes massive amounts of special metals to make the batteries.

    So In about 2o years the crazies will be screaming about how the world is strip mining itself into oblivion. Corporations will be rendering humongous swaths of the world uninhabitable as they dig miles deep trenches to make a trillion batteries a year to run all these electric cars and trucks.

    If everyone was just willing to compromise none of this would be contentious and it would be 2x,3x farther along then it is now. But As Americans and humans when one side say you will fuking do X, then the other side says we will do anything but FUKING X.

    It is what it is. What are you gonna do?

  4. Dana says:

    It looks like ripping off using your article might just get me an Instalanche! https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_yahoo.gif

  5. Robert Kendall says:

    Musk has saturated Nevada wi h charging stations, just sayin

  6. Robert Kendall says:


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