How To Survive ‘Climate Change’ At Thanksgiving

My recommendation? Tell the climate cultists to stay home

Climate Change is Real – Here’s How to Survive that Subject at Thanksgiving Dinner

State government officials are encouraging people to avoid large Thanksgiving gatherings due to the pandemic. Even people attending more intimate Thanksgiving celebrations can still expect good old-fashioned awkward conversations with the family. Debates over the election are predestined, as are conspiracy theories from your crazy uncle denying the reality of climate change.

There are a variety of strategies to survive these conversations. First, let’s set the scene. Your crazy uncle just handed you more turkey, asked with care about how your life is, and then out of the blue, tells you climate change is actually a hoax invented by martians from Mars. “It’s true,” he’ll say. “Stop laughing.” Two thirds of Americans believe in climate change, but the one third who don’t are, shall we say, passionate. Especially around the holidays.

Nobody wants to argue over Thanksgiving dinner, especially about climate change. Arguments and debates do happen over the holidays, though, and we can either accept them, ignore them, or run from them. If you find yourself wanting to educate the uninformed, please do so. Maybe ask questions first, showing interest in their hot take rather than outright condemning: “You don’t think increased carbon dioxide levels affect the planet? Why do you think the average global temperature keeps rising? Interesting. Aliens from Mars, huh? OK, so the martians are responsible for 17 of the 18 hottest years that occurred this century? Why are the aliens melting the arctic summer sea at a rapid pace? It’ll be gone by 2035.” The list of questions you can ask, politely, are endless. Emphasis on politeness.

First, laugh at these nuts who still cannot prove their cult’s beliefs. Second, is anyone doing this Martian thing? No? Huh. Third, yes, Warmists do want to argue, or, rather, they want to give soliloquies, and will shout, literally shout, down anyone who attempts to have a discussion, especially when they ask for proof.

Maybe try to express how climate change will affect them personally. If a family member in Florida doesn’t believe in climate change, tell them you’re concerned about the rising sea levels around their state. If the uncle is European, maybe mention 50,000 people died of heat waves in 2003. Ask him — again, politely — why would martians do such a thing? Show genuine curiosity in his opinion. Sometimes sugar is more effective than medicine, and sometimes conversations are more impactful than lectures.

Maybe reply that Florida is seeing less than expected sea rise for a Holocene warm period. Ask them why there hasn’t been a repeat of 2003, and that perhaps there was something else at play. Ask them why they took a fossil fueled vehicle to dinner. Ask them for actual scientific facts, rather than personal stories. The stories, folks, is a standard bit of Alinsky arguing, designed to put people on the defensive, to be able to take it to them personally. Like when they call people racists, sexists, etc.

Spirited debate among families is important. On holidays, however, they are nauseating. There’s a time and a place. Maybe when stuffing your face with turkey or a veggie option isn’t the best time to deliver a lecture on climate change. It’s best to educate if you see a family member or friend with a blind spot, but on Thanksgiving, it’s OK to take a day off from trying to peel someone else’s open with a wrench made of facts.

And that’s the best piece of advice in the screed. Just leave it alone. Don’t be an ahole. If you aren’t able to resist yapping about it or other hardcore leftist propaganda, stay home, and don’t ruin the day for others.

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11 Responses to “How To Survive ‘Climate Change’ At Thanksgiving”

  1. MrToad says:

    Two Trillion dollars. That’s how much Quid is setting aside for John Kerry to spend on “climate change”.

    Two. Trillion. Dollars.

    All controlled by John Kerry. What could possibly go wrong…

  2. Hairy says:

    So? 10 pounds per person or 1/200 of a ton
    The carbon offset per person is ????? About 2 cents

  3. Jl says:

    And remember,John, nothing is really being “offset”. Which is no doubt why you’re for it…

  4. Dana says:

    I have managed to stay married to a liberal Democrat wife for 41 years, 6 months and 5 days by not arguing politics with her. Life is about more than politics.

  5. Hairy says:

    Teach you seem willing to admit at this point that the planet is getting hotter
    You refuse to admit tgat CO2 is a cause
    If it isn’t CO2, then what is it ? It isn’t the Sun because that has grown weaker over the last 50 years

  6. inactivist says:

    If one is hosting, offer the offender one chance to stop ruining the get together. Second offense, kick the person out.
    If one is a guest, and the atmosphere gets testy, get up and leave. Either that or put up and shut up.

    There used to be rules of decorum – never talk politics or religion at gatherings.

    Someone wants a soapbox? Resist, and deny them an audience.

  7. fiona says:

    1. does anyone believe that climate isn’t changing? The argument is about responsible parties. The climate has been changing, getting warmer and colder since before the invention of the SUV.
    2. The reason Mann had to start his hockey stick where he did is because of lying with statistics. Currently we are in a Mauder minimum and maybe a longer and more concerning minimum – its getting colder on Mars too – maybe they decommissioned their SUVs?
    3. Carbon Dioxide is ingested by plants and necessary to human life – it is NOT the largest producer of warming (even if you still insist that the climate is warming instead of joining the new rush to “climate Change”). However The primary responsible agent is (tadah!) water vapor. Try stopping that.
    4. Any one seriously worried about climate change must be in favor of Nuclear Power – it is the only logical response. Myself, I like the solar panels in space beaming power down to the earth, but it has many many years ahead of it. At least up there the sun shines 24/7 – although it is harder to clean or repair the panels. On good old earth’s surface you are still getting only about 22% efficiency.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      *Currently we are in a Maunder minimum and maybe a longer and more concerning minimum – its getting colder on Mars too – maybe they decommissioned their SUVs?*

      If the Sun is in a cooling period (which it is), why is the Earth warming? Is it getting cooler on Mars? If science deniers don’t trust or believe the temperature of Earth, why would they trust the measurements of Mars millions of miles away?

      *Carbon Dioxide … it is NOT the largest producer of warming… However The primary responsible agent is (tadah!) water vapor. Try stopping that.*

      Water vapor is the more potent greenhouse gas, but as water vapor increases, it condenses as rain (tadah!). As the temperature increases from increasing CO2, the atmosphere can hold even MORE water vapor. It’s called a positive feedback loop. In contrast, as CO2 increases it doesn’t fall to Earth – it stays in the atmosphere.

      *Any one seriously worried about climate change must be in favor of Nuclear Power – *

      That is certainly one reasonable approach. Nuclear power has its own disadvantages, e.g., start up costs, liability and waste, but it will part of the answer.

      *I like the solar panels in space beaming power down to the earth, but it has many many years ahead of it. At least up there the sun shines 24/7 – although it is harder to clean or repair the panels.*

      According to science deniers, global warming is a hoax, so why bother putting solar panels on the moon to microwave or laser radiation back to Earth to convert into electricity? Just burn coal.

  8. Phil Taylor says:

    Simply ask a warmest four things:
    What is the current world temperature?
    What is the 100 year average world temperature?
    What is pre-industrial average world temperature?
    Name three climatologists who believe that humankind is a significant contributor to Climate change?

    When they say they do not know, ask them why then do they believe in Man made climate change?
    They will answer because 97% of scientists say so.
    Then ask them if that is so why can you not name three of them. Only Celebrities, Politicians, and a 12 year old girl named Greta…
    Then ask them to google these questions and get back to you. They won’t

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Scientism loves creating new words that sound serious (global warming, climate change) but cannot be measured or proven.


    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Science deniers ask such questions.

      One doesn’t believe in global warming, one understands that the Earth is warming from the CO2 added to the atmosphere from our burning of fossil fuels.

      Anyway, the Great Gazoogle tells us: The Earth’s Temperature… Currently: 57.29°F/14.05°C

      So if the Earth has warmed 1°C in the past 100 years that would make the temp 56.29°C previously.

      Climatologists: Professors Michael Mann, Svante Arrhenius, Dr. James Hansen, Professor Richard MUller, Ben Santer, Phil Jones, Judith Curry, Kevin Trenberth, Stefan Rahhsdorf and thousands more.

      Science deniers have a difficult time naming 3 legitimate climatologists who refuse to understand global warming.

      Ms. Thunberg is nearly 18.

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