Young Climate Cultists Plan To Hold China Joe Accountable

I love when Democrats pander to their unhinged base, then the base demands satisfaction. Democrats pandered over 9/11 Trutherism, the Iraq War, and so much more, and it always comes back to bite them

A young Ugandan climate activist’s challenge to Joe Biden
“We are going to hold him accountable if he doesn’t fulfill [his] promises.”

For 24-year-old Ugandan climate activist Vanessa Nakate, climate change is not an abstract concept — it’s personal. She witnesses the impact of it on her country every day.

“I have seen it in my country, I have seen how the changing weather patterns have destroyed homes, have destroyed farms, destroyed businesses, and left people with nothing,” Nakate said. “And that is what I want to change.”

In January 2018, after educating herself about the seriousness of the environmental issues facing her community, Nakate began staging climate strikes every Friday to raise awareness. Her efforts appeared to have paid off when the Arctic Basecamp, a team of researchers and scientists, invited Nakate to participate in a workshop with other climate activists in Davos, Switzerland, during the World Economic Forum in January 2020.

Wait, wait, we’re now listening to climate cultists from other countries to tell our president what to do? One who takes long fossil fueled trips from Uganda to the Arctic and Switzerland?

Nakate recently wrote a letter to President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, asking them if they were serious about their commitment to fixing the climate crisis and expressing her desire for a clean, sustainable, and equitable planet. Nakate’s letter gained a lot of international support, but it also opened her up to the worst online trolling she ever experienced.

I spoke with Nakate about her work as a climate activist; what she wanted Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the rest of the world to know by reading her letter; and how she remains strong in the face of Twitter trolls. (big snip)

Jariel Arvin
And now that he’s won?

Vanessa Nakate
There was a ray of hope that this is something that could actually happen now that he has been elected president, and we hope to see that when he actually is sworn in and he actually gets to the White House. We hope to see that he fulfills his promises.

And of course, we are going to hold him accountable if he doesn’t fulfill those promises.

Jariel Arvin
And how will you do that, how will you hold him accountable?

Vanessa Nakate
By speaking up. By striking. By protesting. By writing letters. Because I feel like we need to do everything we can to ensure that the leaders treat this as a crisis.

So young people without jobs are going to strike? Like they’ve been doing? Scary stuff, scary stuff. Perhaps they should be demanding that China Joe and Kamala Harris practice what they preach and give up their own use of fossil fuels.

Maybe all these people from other countries can piss off and mind their own business. Perhaps worry more about the conditions in their own countries. The climate change scam is the last thing Uganda should be worried about. Uganda is still one of the poorest countries in the world. Economic freedom is low. Medical conditions, housing, food, water, etc, yeah, it is a 3rd world shithole. Vanessa is one of the elites of the country, who’s able to focus on silly stuff.

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6 Responses to “Young Climate Cultists Plan To Hold China Joe Accountable”

  1. Hairy says:

    The Iraq war came back to bite tge Dems ???
    Teach if you supported it why didn’t you enlist 20 years ago? Bone spurs ??? Even Trump says that war was a big mistake Just like trying to occupy Afghanistan was a huge mistake
    Perhaps you should have practiced what YOU preach and have enlisted as a college grad you could have been an officer

    • Dana says:

      I don’t know our esteemed host’s age, but when we were struck on September 11, 2001, I was 48 years old, too old to enlist.

      When I did attempt to enlist, in 1977, I couldn’t pass the eye test. I knew that my right eye was pretty bad, but I had hoped I could squeak through; I couldn’t.

      I was just a hair too young for Vietnam, too old for anything else, and mostly blind in one eye.

      Our original mission in Afghanistan was to wipe out al Qaeda and kill Osama bin Laden; those goals have been accomplished. But trying to install a new, Western friendly government was a mistake, was never going to happen. The British and the Russians before us learned that Afghanistan is ungovernable, even by Afghanis, as it’s been dominated by tribalism for as long as we have historical knowledge.

      President Trump has fallen into the same Peace With Honorâ„¢ trap President Nixon did. He wants us out, but doesn’t want to look like we’re cutting and running, so he’s engaged in negotiations with the Taliban. Just like North Vietnam, they might come to a peace agreement, which gives us a fig leaf’s worth of cover for withdrawal, and then they’ll start their fighting again as soon as we’re gone.

  2. Dana says:

    Don’t they actually have to have jobs in order to strike?

    Vanessa Nakate is a graduate student; if she ‘strikes,’ which I suppose means cuts class, is anyone going to care? When the baristas and the fast food workers strike, well, it’ll be annoying for those waiting in line for their Egg McMuffins, but that’s about it.

    • Est1950 says:

      When they strike they will just be replaced by robots. More money into the BILLIONAIRES hands.

      What is so comical about the left is that they actually believe the Deep state gives a shit about them. The Deep State has an agenda and it is not Communism/Socialism. Its money in their pockets. Money in their daddies pockets. Money in their puppet masters pockets like Lockheed, Boeing, Billionaires, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Walmart etc…etc.

      These billionaires only gave money to the democrats to fend off Hashtag cancel to themselves not because they believe in their agenda. They believe in MONEY. Those they are funding do not but the Deep state is not going to let them do anything.

      OBAMA..went to DC with eyes wide open. By the start of his second admin, he had gotten almost nothing done with a veto proof congress and realized he had ZERO power to do anything. Hell even Trump got very little done besides a tax cut which ALL BILLIONAIRES are both feet in on. The deep state gave their approval.

      Do you all realize that on twitter the Syrian Consul for America admitted they lied to Trump about the troop strength in Syria while we kept more forces there? My daughter came to me and wanted advice on how best to help people in NIGGER. I’m like NIGGER? Yeah my friends husband is serving in NIGGER and they have an orphanage that needs help.

      I made some calls. YEP…we are in Fuking NIGGER TOO, have been for a long time.

      The deep state won’t let the democrats do shit folks so don’t let your panties get in a wad. Biden will simply cover up his crimes and go about his business while the nation wrestles with Trying and imprisoning Republicans for being racists.

      • Est1950 says:

        Before I get beat over the head….YES TRUMP GOT A LOT DONE VIA THE PEN. Congress didnt do shit with or for him because that is not what the deep state wanted.

        He wanted to do infrastructure. NOPE. He wanted to do DACA. Nope. He wanted to build a wall. NOPE. He wanted to pull out of wars. NOPE. He wanted to end Syria. NOPE. He WAS allowed to bomb stuff though. The deep state shouted hallelujah over that. He moved the embassy in Israel with the pen, not an act of congress.

        He did get lots of judges appointed and that is literally the only thing congress did for trump in 4 years. DEEP STATE people. They run the country and the left is going to be pissed when nothing they want comes to pass because they are bat shit crazy.

        Do not be surprised if ANTIFA THUGS GO MISSING UNDER BIDEN. That is not bidens doing. That will be the deep state ending the communist uprising before it has any legs to stand on.

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    As Teach’s attack points out, Ms Nakate is from what President Trump labeled a 3rd World Shithole Country. NuGOPhers understand that her life is worth little. Her nation is worth little unless we can exploit it.

    Teach’s reference (Heritage) ranked the US only 17th in economic freedom! Even after 4 years of conservative leadership. Uganda ranked just above average at 102. In 2020, the US ranked behind Lithuania, Estonia, Chile, Georgia… In fact, the US dropped this year and we were passed by Lithuania and Chile.

    Trump has financial ties in China (103), Russia (94), Turkey (71), Brazil (144), Argentina (149), Dominican Republic (94), Azerbaijan (44), several nations with more repressive economic systems than Uganda.

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