Suddenly, CNN Deems Election Conspiracy Theories “Dangerous To Democracy”

Let’s see: we had eight years of conspiracy theories of George W. Bush stealing the elections, both 2000 and 2004. We have now had four years of Russia Russia Russia, for which CNN banged right along. But, not

Rudy Giuliani’s conspiracy theories could be dangerous to democracy, experts say

Rudy Giuliani’s increasingly outlandish claims of election fraud have former federal officials worried that theories peddled by the man once dubbed “America’s mayor” could be dangerous to democracy in the US.

In the two weeks since Election Day, Giuliani has become a super-spreader of election disinformation. His eyebrow-raising claims — from Republican observers being barred from vote counts, to mysterious batches of ballots appearing in the middle of the night, to an election technology company using Venezuelan software to swing results — have been steadily debunked in courtrooms and by federal officials who have declared there is zero evidence of widespread irregularities.

“Real distrust in the system, casting doubt on the integrity of our electoral system, the constitutional process — the Russians and the Chinese couldn’t ask for any more,” former Trump national security adviser John Bolton told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria Sunday. “This is dangerous to the Republican Party, obviously. Of paramount importance, what Trump’s doing, it’s potentially dangerous for the country.”

Javed Ali, who served as senior director for counterterrorism at the National Security Council during the Trump administration, said that Giuliani and Trump questioning the election’s legitimacy makes it more difficult for the US to “wag the finger at other countries where you see similar things happening.”

OK, blah blah blah continues. If only we had a press, afforded extra protections in the U.S. Constitution and many state constitutions, who would actually dig deep and investigate, right? CNN sure ran with the whole “Bush stole 2000/2004” conspiracy, as well as that Putin got Trump elected. That neither Bush nor Trump were legitimate presidents. They, and the guests they have on, were more than willing to run with the conspiracy theories, even after debunked, even after the Mueller Report basically said that Putin did not get get Trump elected, that Trump did not collude with Putin. They were running pieces about Trump possibly stealing 2020.

What, exactly, is wrong with investigating reports of election issues? Reporters are more than willing to dig into conspiracy theories that attempt to harm Republicans, not so much when they harm Democrats. Rudy does need to put up or shut up at this point. But, even before he started yapping, Republican voters noticed all sorts of irregularities, and people have little faith in our voting systems. That’s the danger, especially when the media, which is supposed to protect the citizens from government and investigate things, is uber-partisan.

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4 Responses to “Suddenly, CNN Deems Election Conspiracy Theories “Dangerous To Democracy””

  1. Biden Is A Fake Prez says:

    Election Conspiracies are dangerous. However it is important that this election be scrutinized to the max so that going forward Americans will be convinced our elections are mostly fair.

    However there are so many glitches, and 1000’s of signed Affidavits coming forward of election fraud, and remember Affidavits get you a felony if your caught lying, that the matter needs to be resolved by an audit of the vote in several key states.

    Trump should begin the transition period, while the audit goes forward. I believe, which is why the democrats are in court daily fighting against an AUDIT, that a full audit of WI, MI, PA, GA, AZ and NV will produce a Trump victory.

    NH found votes in a limited audit that went for Trump by 5.5 percent. This was just in a few precincts that changed the outcomes of some local elections.

    If this is even half of that in the states in question. Trump wins in a landslide.

    No one can ever convince us that Biden is more popular than Obama and got 10-15 million more votes and counting than Obama did, when he lost with Hispanics, Asians and Blacks that voted for Biden.

    This election stinks to high heaven. Districts that went for Trump in 2016 in these states went for Biden by 150 percent. districts that voted for Obama by 259,000 votes Gave Biden 318,000 votes.

    In Michigan there are more registered voters than there are people eligible to vote. These are easy things to look at. They are not made up.

    WI, PA, MI all decided to stop counting at the exact same time and then when everyone left on election night, they resumed counting and all 3 states dropped between 100k and 120k votes exclusively for Biden. This alone Lets Trump win WI and PA.

    IF the DEMS have nothing to fear. Audit the vote. Why the fear of a recount and why the HELLO is it taking three weeks to count votes when in past elections we have had them counted in 2-3 days?

    AUDIT THE VOTE for America’s sake or else this election just might end up in the house of REPS where Trump wins because the GOP has 31 state legislatures that will likely vote for Trump and he only needs 26. Civil war 2.0 then happens.

    AUDIT THE VOTE!!!!!!!!!

  2. Professor Hale says:

    This would mean more if CNN hadn’t already sold their credibility back in the Bush administration and then demonstrated on a daily basis for the last 4 years that nothing they said could be trusted on any subject.

    .. Just like Jeff.

    • President Elect Kye says:

      Boy, ain’t that a fact Professor? At this point I wouldn’t believe a thing either of those two prolific liars said. Even now, knowing Biden is NOT the president elect they still insist on lying every time they mention his name. It’s almost like they’re stuck on stupid when in reality they are both pathological liars.

      Haters always lie to cover their hate.

  3. drowningpuppies says:

    It’s just another conspiracy theory…

    It is insane that a number of states, including all of the ones that are in dispute, are utilizing election software from a foreign country, which had been flagged for its vulnerability to hacking and other “glitches,” from a company run by an executive who is anti-Trump. Even crazier was that votes were being sent via the internet to foreign countries for tabulation and then retransmitted back to the states for posting. We also learn that not only Democrats but a number of Republican politicians are or were possibly paid off for handing over their voting systems to this company. Hello, Brian Kemp? And speaking of Georgia, even the damned recount and audit is being sabotaged by Democrats and the state’s GOP isn’t lifting a damned finger. You can bet your ass that while this is going on, they’re already monkeying with the two runoff Senate elections that are still using mail-in ballots.

    Nothing to see here rubes.


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