The Green New Deal Is A Bigly Election Loser

Whether we’re talking about the Green New Deal submitted by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the House and Ed Markey in the Senate (which was already a loser, since every Dem, including Markey, voted “present”, and it has been languishing in committee in the House, with AOC not bothering to demand a hearing and vote) or some slightly less insane version, the election was not good for it

One clear election loser: The Green New Deal

Joe Biden was both for and against the Green New Deal. In a debate, he said it would pay for itself. Sentences later, he denied he supported it even though his website said the Green New Deal was a “crucial framework” for his own plan.

No matter, though. The exit polling shows that the climate issue was simply not a voter priority anywhere. The high mark for climate seems to have been in Colorado, where 9% of voters said climate was their priority. But in states such as Florida, Texas, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and even Biden’s Delaware, a mere 3% of voters said climate was their priority.

None of this is to say that Democrats won’t keep trying to force the Green New Deal or variations of it down our throats. They certainly will.

What are the prospects for the success of the Green New Deal in a Biden administration?

It looks like Republicans might successfully defend the Senate, and they have even picked up several seats in the House. So, we could expect a return to the Obama era of congressional stalemate on the climate issue, perhaps with some unilateral executive pen-and-phone regulation.

A lot of people are blaming the hardcore Modern Socialism of AOC and her crew for the loss of House seats, including the GND. This thing is going nowhere.

Will a Republican-controlled Senate kill hopes for a Green New Deal?

Three months ago, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden stood before cameras in Wilmington, Delaware, and promised to take the biggest, most sweeping measures to fight climate change ever seen in the United States. He would spend $2 trillion on boosting renewables and energy efficiency. He would completely eliminate carbon dioxide emissions from the electricity sector. It was, according to one writer, a promise to implement the Green New Deal — “minus the crazy.”

But now, even if Biden wins the seemingly never-ending presidential election, those hopes have been dashed. After losing tight, high-profile Senate races in Montana, Maine, and Iowa, the Democratic party currently holds 48 seats. And they may not get any more. The only remaining seats up for grabs are in North Carolina — where the Democratic candidate, Cal Cunningham, is lagging behind after a sexting scandal — Alaska, and Georgia. (The Georgia Senate seats will likely go to a runoff in January, but Democrats would have to win both seats if, as expected, they lose in Alaska and North Carolina.)

Let Joe submit the legislation. Let’s see it. Let’s see all that’s in it. Let’s look at the costs. Let’s see how much it hurts the economy and people’s wallets. I triple dog dare him. Even if there had been a blue wave, this is the last thing on their priority list. Because, Doing Something about ‘climate change’ is important to people in theory, not practice.

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4 Responses to “The Green New Deal Is A Bigly Election Loser”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Just more Steve Milloy bulltrump.

    TEACH, You won’t be taken seriously citing the Milloy’s of the world.

    Milloy has argued the risks of DDT, global warming, breast implants, second-hand smoke, ozone depletion, and mad cow disease do not exist. He’s a paid advocate for Philip Morris and runs he Advancement of Sound Science Center which argues that second hand smoke isn’t harmful. He runs non profit groups funded by Exxon out of his home.

    • formwiz says:

      But it’s also the truth.

      The Demos were repudiated at the polls.

      Especially Joe and the Ho.

    • Bill589 says:

      Hypocrite Elwood. You have been caught repeating too many of your Masters’ lies to be ever believed.
      Americans are seeing more clearly, and know the global warming scare was a ruse.

  2. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host wrote:

    Let Joe submit the legislation. Let’s see it. Let’s see all that’s in it. Let’s look at the costs. Let’s see how much it hurts the economy and people’s wallets.

    Surely you jest! The costs will all be counterbalanced by some fanciful projections telling us that it would create millions of new, good, union jobs, and that we’ll all be just so prosperous due to its passage.

    It will be the Democrats’ version of tax cuts paying for themselves.

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