Los Angeles School System Has Plan To Remove All Police Officers From Schools

It’s for the kids, you know

A dramatically diminished L.A. school police force under proposed cuts

Two months after a divided Los Angeles Unified school board slashed funding for its police department by more than a third, the contours of a dramatically diminished force emerged this week.

Under a plan presented to the board on Tuesday, police officers would be removed from school campuses and weekend patrols meant to protect schools from vandalism would be eliminated, among other cuts.

The debate over the proposed cuts, set for later this month, marks a wide split on the board over the role that armed, uniformed officers should play in providing security to hundreds of thousands of students enrolled at more than 900 campuses.

This would work out well, wouldn’t you say? Vandalized schools, graffiti everywhere, fights all over the place, theft, weapons being carried, kids blowing off teachers and wandering the halls, drugs everywhere, large groups of kids beating on individuals. Hey, every Modern Socialist initiative needs an experimental group, right? We can see the results of their ideas.

And in a signal of how unresolved the issue remains for many, a district task force said it intends to survey high school students, parents and employees around the district to evaluate opinions on school police.

It’ll be interesting to see how that works out, right? The more criminal kids and the cop hating parents from bad neighborhoods voting against the police, those from good schools voting for. And, what of employees? The dogmatic ones will be against police, no matter how dangerous their schools are, the realistic ones wanting police.

George McKenna, the board’s lone Black member, said he strongly supports efforts to end police brutality but believes school police are being unfairly maligned.

“The school police were never a danger to the students,” McKenna said. “Are you under the assumption that there are no Crips, no Bloods, [that] there are no gangs out there and we’re going to do this with social workers?”

He added: “I’ll invite you to the first funeral that we have to have of a child [because] we don’t have anyone protecting them on that campus.”

But, Modern Socialists and the BLM folks have a narrative, George, and they will Cancel you if you keep this up.

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2 Responses to “Los Angeles School System Has Plan To Remove All Police Officers From Schools”

  1. CC says:

    Oh the irony! Since it was predominately Crips & Bloods and their successors who made it necessary to police up the schools.

  2. Professor Hale says:

    I am sure it will be fine. As it is, the teachers’ union never intends to go back into classrooms and students in “at risk” districts have no intention of ever logging onto remote learning venues. Education is once again becoming a private good, only practiced by those who care enough to provide it for their own kids. It’s time to give the local tax money back to property owners. Public education has been failing for decades. Covid just lifted the curtain.

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