Riots Spread Across The Country

Apparently, the murder, yes, murder, of George Floyd requires people do damage and destroy property, as well as steal and loot. Whenever I hear something about justice for George I wonder if he’d approve of this being done in his name. Also, let’s be clear, there are plenty of white and other non-black SJWs involved

Minnesota requests more help as riots continue there — and across US

The state of Minnesota is requesting 1,000 additional National Guard soldiers as rioting broke out once again Friday night following the death of George Floyd earlier in the week.

Gov. Tim Walz and Minnesota National Guard Adjutant Gen. Jon Jensen announced the request at a news conference early Saturday, FOX 9 of Minneapolis reported.

Guard personnel already deployed in addition to state and local police just haven’t been able to control the violence and unrest that the Minneapolis-St. Paul area has seen in recent days, Walz said.

“This is the largest civilian deployment in Minnesota history that we have out there today and quite candidly right now, we do not have the numbers,” Walz said. “We cannot arrest people when we are trying to hold ground because of the sheer size, the dynamics and the wanton violence.”

The police and National Guard pretty much disappeared Friday night, surrendering the 3rd Precinct and the surrounding area in the wake of violence.

Floyd’s death Monday – for which four Minneapolis police officers were fired Tuesday and one of them, Derek Gauvin, was arrested and charged with third-degree murder Friday – has sparked protests and rioting across the U.S., from New York City and Washington, D.C., to Chicago; Columbus, Ohio, Louisville, Ky., and Dallas, to San Jose, Calif.; Los Angeles and Portland, Ore.

That’s right, there was rioting in Floyd’s name across the country. They went after CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta for some reason, and yelled nasty things to the Atlanta police, which is interesting, since the APD is roughly 58% black. They went after the White House, which also had nothing to do with the death of Floyd. There were issues in Charlotte, NC. A police station was damaged, stores looted, and a Charlotte city council person (Braxton Winston) was arrested. Breitbart has a long, long list of tweets with video on all the riots. Can’t even call them protests anymore.

There’s a protest scheduled at 6pm in Raleigh downtown. We’ll see what happens, whether it stays peaceful, or becomes, as the media likes to call it, mostly peaceful. There are no Target’s or Walmarts or even supermarkets in the close area.

The main officer, Derek Chauvin, has been charged with 3rd Degree Murder. Many want him charged with 1st Degree. If that happened, he’d get off, because there is no evidence for premeditated murder. Remember how officers in Baltimore were over-charged and got off? This is not a TV show or movie where prosecutors charge a suspect with a much higher crime than they committed to get them to plea bargain down to what they really did. Because defense lawyers would just fight it in court. Now, if you charge a suspect with what they actually did, they might plea bargain down.

BTW, why aren’t the media complaining about the failure to wear face masks and the poor social distancing?

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2 Responses to “Riots Spread Across The Country”

  1. formwiz says:

    The Eminent Mr Surber says this is another Dr Evil production like Ferg, which I’ve been saying from the start.

    Where, O where, is Jeffery? You just know he’d have his usual bon mots to share.

    Here’s one for him.

    The Black community in MN is calling out white Antifa members for starting the riots and destroying their communities. I keep telling y’all these white liberals are not our friends. #Democrats #GeorgeFloyd #minneapolis— Angela Stanton King 🇺🇸 (@theangiestanton) May 29, 2020

    Black Lefties aren’t, either.

  2. Professor hale says:

    No evidence of murder. Only mistreatment. Not even gross mistreatment. I have seen the videos. There’s nothing there.

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