Union Of Hysterical Scientists Uses Hurricane Dorian To Pimp ‘Climate Change’

And the Union Of Concerned Scientists want presidential candidates to Know Something

Hurricane Dorian: What the Presidential Candidates—and All of Us—Need to Know

Hurricane Dorian is slowly churning its way toward Florida’s Atlantic coast and is expected to make landfall on Monday or Tuesday as a potentially catastrophic Category 4 storm. Even as our hearts hope for the safety of the people of Florida, we scientists are often asked about the connection between hurricanes and climate change. And next Wednesday, presidential candidates will also be on the hook to answer some hard questions about climate change—and how we must respond as a nation.

So for all the presidential candidates—and for everybody in America who cares about our future climate—this post lays out what we know about those connections and explains how Dorian fits into the picture.

So, they’re making this political.

Does climate change affect hurricanes?

YES. Both simple physics and studies of recent hurricanes indicate that our warming climate amplifies the strength of hurricanes in three primary ways:

1. Warmer water provides more fuel for hurricanes (except, the Atlantic basin is actually slightly below average)
2. Rising seas lead to higher, more extensive storm surge (once again, sea rise is below where it should be for a Holocene warm period)
3. Warmer air holds more moisture for rainfall

But, see, that last one is where it breaks down. Even if we believe all the political based science on hurricanes they’re peddling, it doesn’t prove anthropogenic causation. Just that we are in a low level Holocene warm period.

As the climate continues to warm, the strength of tropical cyclones (including hurricanes in the North Atlantic) is projected to rise. The projected increase in intense hurricanes is substantial—a doubling or more in the frequency of category 4 and 5 storms by the end of the century—with the western North Atlantic experiencing the largest increase.

When scientists put the pieces together, they project that in general, hurricanes will become more intense in a warming world, with higher wind speeds and greater levels of precipitation, much like we’ve seen recently with Hurricanes Harvey, Michael, and Florence.

We also know, though, that the destructive potential of hurricanes involves not just the physics of hurricanes and climate change, but also what lies in their paths. Growing population density along our coasts translates to more people, more homes, and more value in the path of any given hurricane.

They’ve been pimping this position since the early 2000’s. It’s always doom saying. While landfalling hurricanes have refused to cooperate

Don’t expect climate cultists to give up, though. Even when the science is against them, they always have their “but, doom in the future!” talking points.

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8 Responses to “Union Of Hysterical Scientists Uses Hurricane Dorian To Pimp ‘Climate Change’”

  1. david7134 says:

    We only have 12 years to live. So it really does not matter. Unless the whole thing is a hoax, which thinking minds seem to believe.

  2. John says:

    The last time you mentioned this monster you were saying it might become a cat 3
    It is now a cat 5
    Teach do you define”landfall” as when a hurricane makes landfall only where the majority of the people are white like you ?

    • alanstorm says:

      “The last time you mentioned this monster you were saying it might become a cat 3
      It is now a cat 5”

      That’s what hurricanes DO. They change and develop. Contrast this with liberals, who never progress out of their teens. At best.

      “Teach do you define”landfall” as when a hurricane makes landfall only where the majority of the people are white like you ?”

      This lets me know you are a liberal.

      1) You inject race into a situation where it isn’t a factor, and

      2) You attribute a quote by the author TO the author.

      Thanks for playing! Now we normals know that it’s not necessary to read any more of your comments.

    • formwiz says:

      When you define anything, is it only to make a stupid point about race?

  3. ST says:

    Video – Dorian impacts the Bahamas: 5 a.m. Sunday update


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