Hot New Idea: Shadow Zones In Classrooms To Protect From Mass Shooters

What’s the cost differential between building these shadow zones and the teacher having a firearm and proper training?

Classrooms in this new school will have a ‘shadow zone’ so a gunman cannot see cowering students

Engineers in World War I dug through the earth to build serpentine trenches borne from horrifically clear logic.

If enemy soldiers ever breached it, the zigzagging pattern would prevent them from shooting in a straight line down the length of the trench — leaving only a relative few exposed to gunfire or shrapnel.

That concept has been reinvigorated a century later, in a sense, for a western Michigan high school, to dampen the killing potential of a mass shooter.

A $48 million major construction project at Fruitport High School will add curved hallways to reduce a gunman’s range, jutting barriers to provide cover and egress, and meticulously spaced classrooms that can lock on demand and hide students in the corner, out of a killer’s sight.

“If I go to FPH and I want to be an active shooter, I’m going in knowing I have reduced sightlines,” Fruitport Superintendent Bob Szymoniak told The Washington Post about the curved hallways. “It has reduced his ability to do harm.”

Yes, a mass shooter is worried about that, considering it would also be a gun free zone with little chance of anyone offering opposition. For, what, $5000 or so they could arm multiple teachers along with proper training and range time, right?

The construction in Michigan is also part of a grim reality of schools methodically preparing for massacres as if they were lesson plans and quizzes.

Jefferson County schools in Colorado have given teachers buckets and cat litter to have on hand in case children need to relieve themselves during a prolonged active-shooter lockdown. Sharpies are supplied for writing the time in which tourniquets were applied, and candy helps diabetic children with low blood sugar hiding in darkness.

Or, a teacher could shoot the shooter. Whatever floats your boat.

Classrooms will be built with a “shadow zone” where a gunman peeking in could not see students cowering along a side wall, said Matt Slagle, an architect for the project and director of K-12 projects at the TowerPinkster design firm.

Or, a properly trained school employee could pull out an easy to use “assault rifle” and shoot the perpetrator. Hell, even a shotgun loaded with beanbags could be used to knock the person senseless.

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4 Responses to “Hot New Idea: Shadow Zones In Classrooms To Protect From Mass Shooters”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    “What’s the cost differential between building …”

    It doesn’t matter. The fact is, school shooting are such a rare event that it is mindlessly stupid to invest even a single dollar in preventing or mitigating them. The average child in public school is much more likely to be molested by a teacher than shot by a sociopath in a mass casualty event. Depending on where they go to school, violent assaults may be happening every day. Even the simple exercise of riding in a car to get to school produces a great many more deaths and injuries every year than mass shootings. Don’t even get me started on all the deaths and life changing injuries from voluntary participation in sports.

    If you want to really ensure that there is never again another mass school shooting, close mass schools. If you don’t put all the targets together with someone else’s little sociopath, these things cannot happen. But teachers union jobs are much more important than your kids lives so nevermind.

    large investment decisions should be based on rational connections between the costs and benefits and the risks, not on emotional activism to line the pockets of activists.

  2. Kye says:

    “large investment decisions should be based on rational connections between the costs and benefits and the risks, not on emotional activism to line the pockets of activists.”

    As correct and logical and honest as that statement is, Professor as long as there is one whiny, crying leftist left alive all these decisions will be made with emotion. The left doesn’t have the ability to think logically, if they did they wouldn’t be leftists.

    • I have to disagree with you on that Kye. leftists have hidden motives and most of what they do is about their hidden goals. On top of that, they have been following their Soviet Union marching orders so long, they have forgotten why they are doing it. But they value loyalty and so they keep doing what they have always done.

      The leaders of leftist groups definitely see leftism as their path to personal enrichment. inventing, building, investing are too hard. The heart of the Left is greed and the demand for other people’s stuff, unearned. As such, any lies they tell along the way make perfect sense to them. I really don’y believe that they all actually believe the things they say. They just know that they all have to play their game to stay in good standing in their club. I don’t believe Jeff really believes all the things he says here. No one could be that stupid and still be literate. So, for them, logic, and honesty are not important. And emotions are just another tool to manipulate others and get what they want. Getting what you want is logical. The illogical part is that they still want what their long dead Soviet masters told them to want and they are still unable to question that.

      Obama understood. You can get elected in this country and live like a king and you don’t have to implement any of the old Soviet checklist. It’s all about living like a king, without having to work for it.

      • david7134 says:

        I agree with much of your vision of the left. But their motives are different depending on their scale. The lower soldier or politician is always interested in money, first and fore most. Conservatives are also cirrupt, just not 100%. Going up the scale, the soldier for the cause obviously takes on a leadership position and likely obtained the wealth from corruption on the way up. So now they desire power. Power is obtained by any number of methods, Hillary is a good example. She obtained such a degree of power that she is immune to our laws. Trying to understand her power is the challenge. Emotion is the common weapon used by the liberal. Hillary’s main tool is children. That is her fall back took so that when she brings up children you know she is pulling out big guns. In real life she could give a care about them.

        Liberals act at a completely different level from the average conservative. Jeff does not really believe much of what he says, he gets a kick out of seeing conservatives get upset. He also plays these games at cocktail parties and appears very intelligent despite the fact he is barely average. Jeffery works for a middle group of people invested in drugs. His job is taking data and words and making his promoted drug look good despite the fact I is crap. We are this daily in medicine, he is one of the primary reasons drugs cost so much. He actually is good at his job as you can watch him in his comments making his arguments sound reasonable when they are nothing.

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