Giving NJ Taxpayer Money To Illegal Aliens For College Is A Success Or Something

What a fantastic idea. Taking taxpayer money from legal resident of New Jersey and giving it to illegal aliens instead of using it for those legal citizens, and then having the illegals take spots at colleges meant for legal residents

N.J. gave 749 undocumented immigrants money for college. Here’s where they enrolled.

When New Jersey debuted a new program last year offering college aid to immigrants living in the country illegally, it was unclear how many undocumented students would sign up.

After a year, advocates and state official say the program has been a success.

During the 2018-2019 academic year, 749 undocumented students were awarded $3.8 million in state financial aid to attend New Jersey colleges, according to new statistics released by the state Higher Education Student Assistance Authority.

The so-called “Dreamers” — students brought to the U.S. illegally as children — had previously been permitted to attend New Jersey state colleges paying in-state tuition. But they were forbidden to apply for state-funded financial aid programs.

Gov. Phil Murphy signed a law last year opening up state financial aid programs to undocumented immigrants, offering them the same state grants, scholarships and other aid used by U.S. citizens living in New Jersey.

That $5,073 per student could have very much helped actual lawful residents, but, no, they gave it to illegals. As one person in the comments points out

This is utterly absurd! What about legal US citizens who can’t afford college tuition? What about tax paying parents, who can’t afford tuition for their children? My Son is 2, and my Wife & I started a 529 for him. Throw the illegal immigrants over the wall, and put some of that money into my Son’s account.

Where’s the money for the legal residents? Many of them will be denied, despite excellent GPAs, any assistance because their parents are legal residents and make too much money. Also

Those numbers are entirely irrelevant. What return did we get on our investment – how many of these individuals are in STEM majors, how many have a 3.2 or higher GPA, and most importantly, how many of them managed not to fail out?

That is an excellent point. What did we get in return? Many of the colleges attended (listed at the story) are pure liberal arts. Besides the notion that it is illegal to hire these people per federal law, what did they learn? We can speculate only.

If you jaywalk you can be fined. If you have a lemonade stand with no permit, you can be fined…if you are illegal, you can go to college for free. OK got it.

If you speed you can be fined. If you engage in your 2nd Amendment rights, you can be thrown in jail. But, if you’re an illegal, it’s all sunshine and lollipops.

What incentive do these people have to become US citizens if they get MORE benefits as “non-citizens”


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12 Responses to “Giving NJ Taxpayer Money To Illegal Aliens For College Is A Success Or Something”

  1. John says:

    There are 9 million people living in NJ
    That program cost each about 50 cents per NJ resident
    Would your parents complain about that ?
    Teach are the parents who adopted you and sent you to one of the most expensive prep schools in the country ashamed of your lack of empathy for others ?

    • formwiz says:

      Still their money and most probably don’t want it going to fund people here illegally.

      And his parents would complain if they had any sense, but where the Hell do you get off dragging his private life into this, Mr I Am Not A Molester?

      How his parents feel is none of your business.


      • david7134 says:

        I see you are getting to know John very well. The guy is an absolute jerk, I can’t tell if he is worse than Jeff or not. John loves to give away money that he does not contribute. He loves concepts of taxing productive people to give to worthless scum, much like him. Neither John or Jeff have a clue as to what socialism is. They think that students in socialist countries get school free. That is true if you pass all the various test and there is a need for your chosen career. You might desire to be a doctor, but not allowed if they have their quota. Medical services are free, but you wait 5 years or more.Then there is the concept of saving money most of the countries have negative interest rates.

        Both of our resident clowns milk our government and thus us and cry for more free stuff.

  2. John says:

    60,000,000,000 total NJ revenue
    4,000,000 total aid to dreamers
    What percent is being used for dreamers ?
    Teach is your lack of caring for others an unconscious way of showing your independence from the values of your parents ?
    From those who were given great opportunity much will be required

    • Kye says:

      The only lack of caring and empathy around here is yours, John. Where do you come off telling Teach and the rest of us it’s our moral duty to pay to educate people who spit on our laws and invade our country? You should be caring and empathetic towards Americans who are forced to compete for jobs against these illegal criminals and whose families suffer from the crimes many of these “dreamers” commit.

      Some time John, you should visit which will give you a day by day run down of all those lovely illegal aliens you want hard working Americans to support and educate as an act of “caring” and “empathy”. How about caring for your own people for a fukin’ change?

      Your pathetic “virtue signaling” is a sign of an underdeveloped sense of morality and a deep sense of personal guilt. What are you guilty about, John? Being white? Being American? Have the last 40 years of anti American educators taught you to self hate and hate your fellow Americans?

      Trump 2020 Stop the “Hate America” movement!

    • formwiz says:

      It’s still 4 mil wasted on people who are here solely because the Lefties are aborting themselves out of existence and need to stuff those ballot boxes.

  3. I think the NJ taxpayers should buy me a new Toyota 4Runner for $60,000. It’s just a tiny minuscule amount of the total budget of NJ so that shouldn’t be a problem. No, I don’t live in NJ but that should also not be a problem. I can’t have a free new car? Where’s your empathy?

    Ok. I’ll settle for a new 75″ Sony monitor. Try to get it here by Christmas. Thanks.

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